Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet

Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets

A bike rider always desires to buy a comfortable as well as best looking motorcycle helmets that perfectly fits over their head. These helmets must also match up all the descriptions that are displayed by the manufacturers over the packaging of the product. But, selecting a most comfortable motorcycle helmet can be a difficult task and therefore we have discussed about the top five helmets under this category. The reviews about all the helmets give you a glimpse about its features so that you can make a wise decision in the end.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets

  • Arai XD4 Black Frost Dual Sport

  • Shoei GT-Air Journey TC-5

  • AGV Corsa Sole Luna Rossi

  • Arai Corsair-X IOM 2016

1. Arai XD4 Black Frost Dual Sports Helmet – 2X-Large

Arai XD4 Black Frost Dual Sport Helmet

Arai XD4 Black Frost Dual Sport Helmet


The Arai XD4 is a spanking new model in the Arai Industry that is intended for the purpose of revolutionary and critically praised street. Its design offers an amazing look to the bike rider as well as it is quite appropriate for any kind of dirt bike category motorcycle. It is lightweight also that is good while using in the tracks during the motorcycle racing since it provides extra comfy and an outstanding visibility.

The Arai XD4 Black Frost Dual Sports Helmet – 2X-Large possesses a dry cool technique that deals with the head sweat. The overall look of this helmet is tremendous just like the Master Chief in the HALO game. You can find it in solid colors variety along with three optional configurations that a rider can select according to the requirement. This motocross helmet has a face guard that deals with a storm. There is an aerodynamic flowing system in it that deals with the high-speed bike-riding.

The Arai Company develop this enhanced helmet by providing it an intermediate curved oval internal shape. It is manufactured with superior quality materials that make it sturdier, lighter and safer while riding. The interior section of the Arai XD4 helmet is completely detachable, washable and replaceable. It is also a DOT Certified product that consists of emergency stress-free cheek plug discharge features. The company has successfully achieved the commitment of making a helmet that has all the features which a comfortable motorcycle helmet should have.

2. Shoei Journey GT-Air Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet – TC-5 / X-Large

Shoei GT-Air Journey TC-5 Full Face Helmet

Shoei GT-Air Journey TC-5 Full Face Helmet

Shoei has been releasing multiple models of helmets at a very fast rate and GT-Air comes on the market in 2013. If it fits in your head, it is one of the comfortable helmets. The prime feature of this model is that it is full face helmet used under different environment conditions and best internal sunscreen. GT-Air comes in three different internal shell size which ensures more appropriate fit for riders having different skull size. The fabric and padding used in Shoei helmet are always very comfortable for the rider.

Motorcycle riding is always a thrill and when it combine with safe and comfortable helmet, it just increases the enjoyment multiple folds. Its ventilation system is fully adjustable, fog-free pin lock system, safe shield combine with Shoei’s renowned quality and comfort, the GT-air consists of all the features that rider keep enjoying riding. It has come with five years warranty from the date of purchase or seven years warranty from the date of manufacture whichever comes earlier.

The Shoei GT-Air was developed in the state-of-the-art facility center in Japan using wind-tunnel testing technique. The inner plush removable liner can be detached easily and can be washed. It is safe, light in weight and comfortable which exceeds the requirement of any modern day rider and allowing you to enjoy the riding at its best.

3. Arai Corsair-X IOM 2016 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Corsair-X IOM 2016 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Corsair-X IOM 2016 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Corsair-X Helmet has taken the technology used in helmet and protection of rider one step ahead. It is specifically designed in such a manner which not only protects the rider from direct impacts but also diminish the glancing off impact as well.  Arai has built the Corsair-X helmet with more strong and smooth shell which redirects the impact energy rather than absorbs it. This decreases the force transferred to the rider and offer the higher level of protection. It uses the Variable Axis System (smaller pivot cover and positioned side pod lower in the shell) to increase the capacity to glance off the impact energy.

The Arai Corsair X Motorcycle Helmet consists of multiple remarkable features. It consists of a curtain at the chin place which prevents the intrusion of air from the stormy air beneath the helmet. It also increases the inside pressure to improve the performance of exhaust ventilation. The inner lining of the helmet consists of 5mm ear pocket padding to place speakers.

In normal helmets, shield mounting position remains comparatively high because a lower shield creates problem while opening or closing. It has a variable axis point which allows the rider to open and close the shield easier and comfortable. The air diffuser is longer than the other models of Corsair. This leads to improve aerodynamics performance, more stability, and efficiency.  The air intake outlets are easily adjustable and have three different positions (i.e. full open, half open and closed) create the very tight seal which decreases intrusion of water and wind noise.

The Corsair X helmet shell is built from Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers bonded and assembled by Arai expert’s engineers. The specially designed resins create stronger bonds between the materials of the shell and having light in weight. The number of features available in this helmet makes it a unique product and provides an extra safety and comfort to the rider.

4. ARAI Quantum St Pro Concept White Motorcycle Helmet

ARAI Quantum St Pro Concept White Motorcycle Helmet

ARAI Quantum St Pro Concept White Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Quantum-ST Pro is one of the ideal model of the helmet for long drive riders or sports riders. They designed it using the racing technology which was originally designed for RX7 GP, Arai then made Quantum-ST Pro which is safer, more comfortable and ideal choice for all-day touring riders.  This helmet has been made in a different style of ‘long oval’ shape which is distinct from its previous model. The Oval shape means more distance from front-to-back and small side-to-side distance. It will give more space to rider around the mouth and nose area. This helmet consists of Arai’s Pro Shade System that can either be locked during sun peak or dropped down to act as a sunscreen which reduces brightness from the sun.

It has come with fantastic ventilation with one-piece back exhaust removes damp and hot air from the interior of the helmet and improves the aerodynamics. The exhaust at the side wall creates a region of low pressure behind the back vent which decreases wind noise and improves hot air extraction. The Quantum-ST PRO offers center pad comparatively thinner. This result in more inside space and leads to more comfort. This helmet allows the easy access to a bruised rider. You just need to pull the orange tabs which is integrated with inner pads, the cheek pads slide out makes the removal of helmet easier in the case of any injury. The inner pads have very soft touch, antibacterial, deodorant and anti-fouling properties. It has also offered customizable option with interior can be changed as per rider with different size of pads.

5. AGV Corsa Sole Luna Rossi Helmet – X-Large/Yellow

AGV Corsa Sole Luna Rossi Helmet

AGV Corsa Sole Luna Rossi Helmet

AGV Corsa Sole Luna Helmet  has excellent road-riding features like adjustable ventilation system, more comfort without compromising with the safety standards and performance the helmet. It has been awarded Five stars in SHARP certification. SHARP denotes Safety Helmet and Assessment rating performance is the independent helmet assessment method by Department of Transportation, UK. A five-star rating means the highest level of protection and listed as one of the safest helmet around the globe.

It has tested with multiple levels of regression testing. It does not have complete carbon fiber shell but made up of SSL in composite fiber, carbon, and aramid fiber. It has come in four different shell size which gives more comfort to the rider having different skull sizes. It has integrated ventilation system with widespread ducts scooped into the shell of the helmet. The interior consists of the breathable micro-porous lining of Lycra with sanitizing treatment. The inner liners of Coolmax fabric are removable and washable. The face shield is non-scratch able and having the distant field of vision.


A helmet quality and comfortability is the key factor that makes the motorcycle riding a memorable one or turns it into ranks pain and torture. Choosing the best fit helmet require the substantial amount of time in research. Once you are able to find the most comfortable motorcycle helmet, it will make the long ride more comfortable and enjoyable manifolds.

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