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Everything You Need to Know Before Riding a Motorcycle

Everything You Need to Know Before Riding a Motorcycle


Riding a motorcycle is a splendid deal of enjoyment. However, it is quite significant to know that how to ride the bike cautiously while with respect to the motorcycle’s power. If you begin the ride with the careless attitude, then you will end up with a blunder only. So, always ride the motorcycle with complete thoughtfulness as well as with self-protection. This will only make your riding experience into more fun.

After purchasing a motorcycle, the first thing that needs to consider is to know that how to ride a bike properly and perfectly. A lot of information can be accessed from the online guides and references. You can also consult an expert or experienced person who knows all the rules and tips regarding the riding of a motorcycle.

Basic rules for riding a motorcycle

For a safer and better bike riding, some basic rules are also required to be followed. It is very common that the bike riders usually fail to remain safe and become unable to control their bikes. So, if they follow the subsequent tips then they can be safe from any hazard:

  • You must always wear a certified helmet while riding a motorcycle on the road.
  • Slowly and gradually increase the speed of the bike after gaining ample experience and self-confidence in riding.
  • Try to have a sufficient distance from the automobiles that are running on your front side.
  • Always be alert of the other automobiles nearby you.
  • You must remain inside the prescribed speed limits by the government according to the flow of traffic.
  • Constantly check as well as maintain your motorcycle from time to time.

Lists of things required for motorcycle riding

Before beginning your first motorcycle ride, you require some lists of things also. Some of the important things are as follows:

  • Helmet

A helmet is one of the topmost requirements for a safe driving. There are various types of helmets that are available in the market. Some of them are an open face and some are covered with a sheet of plastic. If you select a helmet that devises an open front, then it is advisable to wear certain thing to safeguard your eyes, for example, sunglasses, goggles, spectacles, etc. The main motive of wearing a protection on the eyes is not only to make you look fashionable, but it must not hinder your peripheral visualization.

  • Durable pair of shoes

The next essential thing you will require is a pair of sturdy shoes for motorcycle riding. The shoes must be good quality that safeguards the ankles from bike’s hot cylinder pipes. It should have sufficient heel so that the foot does not slip frontward of the pedals.

  • Perfect gloves

In some states, wearing gloves while riding the motorcycle is also obligatory. So, at the time of buying a pair of gloves for motorcycle riding, the rider must look for a good and slim pair of gloves. It is always advisable to avoid the gloves that are excessively bulky because it might hinder your capability to hold the clutch and pulling the handbrakes.

  • Vital Tools

At the time of going for a motorcycle ride for the first time, always carry a small tool kit with you. The toolkit must include the modifiable wrench, tyre patch kit, spare keys, bolt-driver, air pump device as well as other motorcycle equipment.

Points to be considered while riding a motorcycle for the first time



Following are some points and tips that a bike rider must consider before riding a motorcycle for the first time:

  • Get the License

A maximum number of states requires a motorcycle license or permits to allow riding of a bike. You can easily get the license in 1 hour at your local license authority just by clearing an easy driving test as well as written test. As soon as you have a temporary license or learner’s license, you become eligible to have a riding test and get your permanent motorcycle license.

  • Join a Safety Course program

It is not compulsory to join a safety course program for getting the license for bike riding, but it allows you to learn the correct riding technique and clutch device control. It makes you understand that how to maintain a balance in unsuitable conditions, road etiquette as well as basic care of the bike. Some bike riders prefer to take the safety course program once a year, just to revive their essential skills.

  • Study the Guidebook

It is also important to read the bike rider’s manual (guidebook) before beginning your first motorcycle ride. The guidebook clarifies you regarding the meaning of road signs, things that need to be considered while riding the bike and which laws or rules must be followed are applicable to your city. For example, certain countries have a mandatory rule of wearing helmets and some other countries prohibit road splitting. The guidebook also benefits in calculating the insurance amount and the registration necessities.

  • Get familiar with your motorcycle

Any person who has attained the age of 18 have a full right to bring his/her own motorcycle with them during the riding test. At the time of giving riding test for the bike, you have the freedom to choose any fully-equipped motorcycle. You must choose the bike with which you are familiar. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to be acquainted with your bike’s clutch as well as brakes, the controlling sensitivity, the choke plug (if available in your bike), the load of the bike, the rotating radius, and the preliminary quirks. You can know all the features of your bike only if you stick with your motorcycle on which you did practice.

  • Be confident while riding bike

No one forces you to ride a motorcycle on the roads without your own wish. So, you need to be very confident at the time of riding a bike. This will make you feel safer. If you know your bike very well i.e. how to use handlebars, clutch, and brakes, then you will more self-assured regarding the handling of your motorcycle on the roads. A person who drives very fast on the roads does not mean they are much trained in riding bikes. You must drive within the speed limits prescribed by your state government.

  • Must do practice

The practice of riding a motorcycle does not make you perfect; however, it will result in better bike riding. You will always get benefit in return after spending the maximum time in your practice sessions in all bike-riding situations. You may do practice on the roads, in vehicle parking areas, on empty grounds, etc.

  • Ready for motorcycle ride

After following the above things, you are now prepared to ride your motorcycle on the real roads as well as the highways. However, you must make sure that your speed should be within the prescribed limits and according to the movement of the traffic. Some people think that motorcycles are intended for running in between the four-wheelers and roads, but this is not the truth.

Some important things you should know while riding motorcycle on roads

When you go out on a road or a highway for a bike riding, there are certain significant things that need to be kept in mind. It is not beneficial for you but also for the other people who are walking or driving on the road. Some of the things are as follows:

  • At the time of riding bikes on the roads, you must be very alert and drive safely by following all the rules of traffic.
  • Since you are driving a legal vehicle as a motorcycle rider; you possess the full right to have the similar space as a four-wheeler vehicle.
  • During the time of riding the motorcycle in traffic, you should constantly remain concentrated on the highway. Any kind of distraction for a four-wheeler driver might not mean a big issue, but for a bike rider, the consequence shall be severe injury or even demise.
  • You should never indulge or participate in any kind of rash road race of motorcycles. In some countries, it is strictly prohibited also.

Benefits of motorcycle riding vis-à-vis the four-wheelers/cars

Following are some benefits of riding a motorcycle on the roads as compared to the driving a four-wheeler:

riding a motorcycle


  • Motorcycles look cool

Riding a motorcycle is a clear-up fun without any kind of doubt. There is no such thing that can beat the feeling of independence and the natural air breeze passing through your hair during the bike-riding. In the case of cars, the driver, as well as the passengers occasionally, needs to move down their car’s sideways windows to get some fresh air. Similarly, motorcycles have a tendency to grab public attention.

  • Inexpensive than four-wheeler

It is well known that the motorcycles lean towards getting better fuel mileage as compared to the cars. Moreover, its maintenance and service are also very easier. The insurance premium amount of motorcycle also costs not more than the car insurance. However, the amount of premium depends on your particular insurance policy.

The motorcyclist needs to pay the lesser amount of road tax as motorcycle requires very less road space. Lastly, the motorcycles are less costly to purchase than the cars. This will lead to the saving of your money also.

  • Needs very less space to park

A motorcycle does not need any larger space like four-wheelers. You will never find a problem in getting a place to park your motorcycle. You can easily park it in your home’s garage, outside a cafeteria or shopping store. Since motorcycles are smaller in size than the cars; it takes considerably less time to clean it up.

  • Incredible resale price

You can resale your motorcycles at a price in excess of car’s resale amount as bikes do not tend to use as many miles that a car do. So, when you want to buy an advanced version of the motorcycle, there is no need to take the stress of resale your bike.

 Shortcomings of riding a motorcycle

There are some drawbacks of riding a motorcycle also. So, before going out with your motorcycle for the first time on the roads, you must know the following things:

  • Not a fun to ride a motorcycle in bad weather conditions

It is very easy to understand that riding a motorcycle in a rain storm is not a mode of fun or entertainment. All the things during rainfall get wet, not only roads but also the bike-rider.  Hence, this will not result in a pleasant experience.

  • Not a single storing space

When you go for a grocery shopping or want to shift some big things from one place to another, there is no help that you will get a motorcycle. Due to the lack of storage space, this problem turns into a bigger issue with a bike rider.

  • Security/Safety matters

At the time of riding a motorcycle, you become more susceptible to the road mishaps and probable road traffic accidents. However, wearing a helmet can protect you up to some extent and possibly save your precious life in the situation of a crash. So, always wear a helmet that matches up all the standards approved by the government of your state.

  • Getting license for riding is compulsory

You will require a motorcycle license, authorization, or permit if you want to ride it on the roads or highways. There are various tests that need to be passed by the rider for getting the license from the state licensing authority. 


Riding a motorcycle is a two-edged sword because it is not only a mode of fun but it can become dangerous if not used wisely on the roads. All the results, whether good or bad, totally depend on how a motorcycle rider uses his/her vehicle. Therefore, professional training and practice are very important before riding bikes on the roads or the highways if you really care about your life. If all the rules and guidelines are not followed properly, then you might land up in a hospital nearby you.

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Derek Mcdoogle - August 16, 2016

My brother has been wanting to get a motorcycle for so long and his wife is finally letting him. You mentioned that a maximum number of states requires a motorcycle license or permits to allow riding of a bike. Do the dealers help with the license as well of only the license authority? It seems having a chat with the dealers could be very helpful before he purchases one.

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