How to choose the Best Motorcycle Jacket?

Riding a bike is passion for most of the riders, as a result, comfort as well as style is priority in this matter. A motorcycle jacket is one of the main accessories, just after the helmet, which is very important for a good riding experience. The quality of the jacket, its make and the fabric is of immense importance while choosing the best motorcycle jacket.

How to choose the Best Motorcycle Jacket?

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket can be very tricky at times, but if you know where to look at and what to look for then the most suitable motorcycle jacket will be in your hands. There are a number of things that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a motorcycle jacket and making your way along the roads.
For this, you need to ask a few questions to yourself. They are:

What should be the main purpose of the jacket for me?

This question when answered properly will allow you to know whether you will need a jacket for casual riding or for the purpose of riding through crowded streets. If your purpose is casual riding then it is advisable that you go for the two-piece suits. This suit has two parts, a bottom, and an upper part. The whole thing is made such that you get the maximum comfort and ease of movement while riding the motorcycle.

On the other hand, if you are traveling through crowded places mostly then it is best that you go for the tight fitting one piece jackets for riding. There will be no flapping of the material due to movement and hence will allow you to have an unhindered riding experience altogether.

Do I have some Material Preference?

There are many materials available for the motorcycle jackets. Choosing the right material or your favorite material is another determining factor. Leather and textile are the two most widely chosen materials. Each of it gives a different touch to the whole look. Some prefer leather jackets for the class it comes along with it whereas others prefer the textile jackets because of its durability and toughness.

On the other hand, some go for jackets which are a mixture of both textile as well as leather material or has other durable and comfortable materials as well. So you need to decide which one you are looking for.

What Size do I need?

Knowing your size is another deciding factor. It is important that you buy a jacket which is not too tight or not too loose for you. Just the perfect fit for a motorcycle jacket is important for the uninterrupted riding experience. Take measurements across your shoulder and the length of the jacket before buying the next one to suit your needs.

What added features do I want?

There are a few added features that you can lookout for in your motorcycle jackets. These features might sometime add up to the price of the jackets as well. So it is up to you to decide wisely which ones you need and which features you can do without completely. This might include the extra protective layers, colors, specialized zippers, and buttons, etc. Sometimes the style of jackets can even vary depending on your motorcycle model to bring out the ultimate look. So look out for it and make the right choice.

How much can I spend for it?

Deciding your budget ahead will help you make your choices easily. If you know how much you can afford to spend then you can even decide what features you can afford to pay for and how far you can go with them. It is actually a very essential thing that should be taken care of before making your choice for the best motorcycle jacket.

Kinds of materials used Motorcycle Jackets

1. Leather Jacket:

The best thing about the leather jackets is that they are durable and abrasion resistant which makes it a perfect material for tough off-road riding. It is more appealing and provides a better fit and comfort to the rider. The two main cuts for leather jackets are the American, which is the comparatively thicker and taller whereas on the other hand is the European style which is European comparatively leaner in nature. The other features of the leather jackets to look out for are:

  • Accordion Panels: This feature of the jacket makes it flexible and much more relaxing for the user. These are generally seen near the elbows, shoulders and the waist. The more flexible a jacket is the better it is for the wearer.
  • Liner: The liner of the jacket gives an extra support to the jacket. This absorbs moister as well as stores heat whenever necessary and gives a good experience to the rider altogether.
  • Armor: This is the added layer of protection or support given to leather jackets especially on areas such as the shoulders and elbows which need to be tough. This decides the protective nature of the jacket as well as makes it more durable.
  • Perforations: this is another leading feature of the jackets which is essential especially when the rider rides in warmer climates. These perforations give breathing space for the rider’s body as well as increase the comfort level of the rider.

2. Textile Jacket:

This is known for its durability. Textile jackets are more widely available these days and most of the riders opt for it for regular use. This is because this is comparatively lighter than the leather ones and their prices are also comparatively lower. On the other hand they are not as classy as the leather ones but when it is comfort that you are looking out for these textile jackets can serve the purpose for you as well.


Safety is the Key

Style comes second to the safety offered by the best motorcycle jackets. Safety is the main purpose of these jackets. Most of these jackets come with extra protective layers around areas which are more prone for injuries during accidents such as the shoulder, elbow, back as well as the chest. Extra padding materials of relevant thickness are added to these areas to ensure the safety while keeping the comfort at a higher priority level.

The more such protections you find in a jacket the better it is for the riding purpose and it is advisable that you select only the one that has them.

Adventurous on road

Adventurous on road

If you are the adventurous type then it is necessary that you go for a jacket that can withstand dirt, rocks as well as the adverse conditions of temperature and other environmental conditions for longer periods of time. If you go for long off road rides then it is necessary that the next motorcycle jacket you buy has the following features:

  • Protection: These cases the safety is the priority and thus making sure that your jacket provides it to the most and keeps you safe from all harmful situations thrown at you physically on the road.
  • Weatherproof: This is another thing that is of vital importance. In an adventure trip, you will definitely not have a very smooth ride and the weather might be a hindrance to your experience, thus to avoid it the weatherproof material is used for these jackets. On the other hand, there are other features such as rain protective material as well as absorptive materials that protect you in the individual environmental adversities.
  • Utilities: As the jacket is the place where you are to store your GPS, maps, mobile phones, wallets and the like it is important that it keeps them safe. Thus enough pockets where are zipped for safety should be available in your jackets.

Maintaining Motorcycle Jackets

The maintenance of the Motorcycle Jacket is as tricky and as important as choosing one of them. Taking care of a leather jacket not completely same as taking care of a textile jacket. Because leather is a delicate material considering its class, it needs more delicate modes of care than the textile jackets.

The leather jacket needs to be cleaned with leather balm, oil or creams which will avoid them from getting hard and thus spoiling the whole aesthetic value of the jacket. It should be kept dry at all times and while wiping or cleaning a soft cloth has to be used. No using of rough cloth or abrasive material is permitted for cleaning of these leather jackets.

On the other hand textile jackets can be treated comparatively harshly. These jackets are less prone to damage due to water. They can be washed with water and some soft detergent. However, care should be taken while rinsing. The water temperature to wash these jackets should not be too high otherwise, it spoils the tensile strength of the jacket.

A riding jacket is capable of extending the riding time for a rider. These jackets of various types that are available in the markets these days are made in such a way that they allow round the year riding. Be it the rain, storm, cold or heat these jackets serves all the purpose alike. Selecting the right material and the right fit for a motorcycle jacket will help you increase the overall experience of riding.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points as well as adding your own criterion will help you make the right selection for the best motorcycle jacket and ensure that the jacket serves your purpose well. The main thing to be kept in mind about these jackets is that it is meant for comfort during riding as well as provides an added protection in case something goes wrong.

If you keep in mind all the necessary requirements for these jackets before making your buy then you are sure to make a very good investment. Not everyone buys motorcycle jackets regularly thus you need to be sure in the first instance. Choose from the wide variety of motorcycle jackets available at various ranges of prices in the markets today. Watch out for the road with the comfort in the stylish motorcycle jackets.

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