Best Motorcycle Helmet – Perfect Protection For Riders

Best Motorcycle Helmet – Perfect Protection For Riders

It must be said that motorcycles are undoubtedly one of most favorite toys for men. Many of them use it as a style statement while others simply fall in love with them, so much so that some of them are even known to even name their bikes. But one thing that you will have to remember is to make sure that you are protected while you ride your motorcycle. This is the reason choosing the right motorcycle helmet becomes imperative. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to provide with some of the best motorcycle helmet there is which can assure your safety at all times.



cheap motorcycle helmets

Buying a quality helmet doesn’t have to break the bank.  There are many affordable motorcycle helmets available on the market.  And we’re not talking bare bones models either.  Some of our favorite inexpensive helmets feature built in blue tooth, or are Bluetooth ready, have great styling and are also comfortable and protective.  And don’t forget the all-important rating system.  Whether it be Snell or D.O.T., a cheap helmet should still meet minimum levels of protection.  Here are some of our favorite inexpensive helmet models.

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full face motorcycle helmet

Everyone loves to feel the wind on their face when they ride.  But when push comes to shove a full face helmet offers the rider the best protection from the elements, better cushioning from bumps and road noise, and the best safety in the event of a crash.  Full face helmets don’t have to be a drag, literally.  Modern full face helmets feature amazing options such as interchangeable face shields, modular elements, and top notch aerodynamic design.  The ventilation doesn’t take a hit either with all kinds of advancement in venting technology.  And when it comes to styling, there’s nothing like the look of that full face helmet for the mysterious cool factor when riding.  Check out our list of great full face helmet options.

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best open face motorcycle helmets

Few things beat the experience of feeling the wind in your face while riding a motorcycle.  This is where an open face helmet comes in.  There’s nothing like an open face motorcycle helmet when it comes to feeling the wind and optimal range of vision.  This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or safety though.  Quality open face helmets will still have D.O.T. certification and will protect you in a crash.  When it comes to styling in an open face helmet, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.  Open face designs can come in half helmet, ¾ helmet or modular builds, letting you customize the look and feel of your motorcycle riding experience.  If you need a place to start, here is our list of some of the top open face helmets to choose from.

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best Bluetooth motorcycle helmetsWhile motorcycle helmets are classic in appearance and design, the interior technology has changed quite a bit over the years.  Bluetooth helmets allow riders to communicate effortlessly with passengers and fellow riders.  You can even get GPS instructions directly in your ear, making navigating new areas a breeze.  We have compiled a list of Bluetooth helmets that range in features and technology but would all make excellent buying options

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women’s motorcycle helmetAs the modern motorcycle continues to evolve many motorcycle helmet manufacturers are getting on board with new trends.  Riders aren’t just men any more.  Women are hitting the road in increasing numbers and they need the full range of safety gear, including a quality motorcycle helmets.  The best women’s motorcycle helmets don’t sacrifice style for function.  Whether it be attractive colors or designs, companies know that women shop with their eyes first when it comes to accessories.  A quality women’s motorcycle helmet will also have multiple shell and interior lining sizes, better suited to accommodate women’s smaller features and providing for a safe, comfortable ride.

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 cool motorcycle helmetsWhile safety should always come first when gearing up for your motorcycle adventure, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while riding.  One of the most noticeable motorcycle accessories will always be your helmet.  It’s no wonder then that there are a ton of stylish and cool motorcycle helmet options to choose from.  A cool motorcycle helmet will feature unique styling and will definitely attract attention in a crowd.  Whether it’s a helmet modelled from a popular movie, or designed to look like a fighter jet or even has cat ears, attractive and cool motorcycle helmets are out there waiting for you to pick just the style for you.

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most comfortable motorcycle helmetsWe’ve checked off most of the important boxes when it comes to what makes for the best motorcycle helmets.  Safety and style are important, but they won’t get you very far if you can’t stand to wear your helmet for more than short periods at a time.  Enter the comfort factor.  The most comfortable motorcycle helmets will have plenty of interior lining and cushioning.  Anti-fog shielding is also a huge plus, since comfort definitely equals a good field of vision.  Aerodynamics are also important for ensuring comfort.  At high speeds, a poorly constructed helmet can force the rider’s neck into positions that cramp.  A good comfortable motorcycle helmet is a key element to enjoying your riding experience.

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Best Motorcycle

The Top Things to Consider When Buying a Best Motorcycle Helmet

We’re here to help make sure you have the information you need to make an educated decision when it comes to your next motorcycle helmet purchase. This buyer’s guide to the most important qualities you will want in a helmet is a great place to start your shopping research.  Keep reading our quick and helpful list of the top things to consider when it comes to buying a motorcycle helmet.

Riding Preference

One of the first things you need to ask yourself when purchasing a motorcycle helmet is what you prefer when it comes to your riding experience.  If you like the feel of the wind in your face, you may want a ¾ or half helmet style to allow the extra ventilation and freedom of movement.  If you want to eliminate road noise, a model with extra internal cushioning and a full face design will be your best bet.  Helmets come in a variety of styles suited for many riders in multiple experience levels.

  • Quick Tips – Make a top 10 list of features you want in a helmet before you start shopping. This will help you when you begin to narrow down your options for features, design and style.

Riding Location

Where you will be riding, and in what types of conditions, will have a big impact on your helmet purchase.  If you spend a lot of time in dusty climates or in places with poor weather conditions you will want a helmet that provides protection for your nose, eyes and face.  If you ride in extremely hot weather, ventilation will be an important factor.

  • Quick Tips – If you ride a lot, and in varied conditions, don’t try to get just one helmet that fits all scenarios. Serious riders have multiple helmets in their arsenal and will choose their style daily based on things ranging from that day’s weather to even which outfit coordinates best.

Helmet Comfort

If you aren’t comfortable in your helmet, there’s less of a chance that you will willingly wear it regularly and often.  A helmet is an important safety accessory.  An uncomfortable helmet can also be a sign of a poor fit, which is equally as bad in the event of a crash.  Research various brands and find the one that’s known for qualities that you will personally need.  Some of us have wider faces.  Others, larger foreheads.  There are helmet manufactures that accommodate any type of comfort preferences.

  • Quick Tips – It’s not just the shell shape and size that will affect your comfort level. The interior lining composition, shape and size can be equally as important.  Many helmet brands will have interchangeable interiors in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Helmet Style

When it comes to buying a motorcycle helmet that you will wear and love, you can’t ignore personal style.  There’s no reason to sacrifice looks for safety when you have so many options to choose from on the market.  Color is always a big consideration, as well as detail trimming and patterned or modular aspects of a helmet.  Don’t immediately rush to flashy or ornamented helmets.  Sometimes the best style is the most classic with a solid, clean line and look.

  • Quick Tips – Found a helmet you love but feel that it’s just a bit too plain for your style? Consider optional motorcycle helmet accessories sold separately and affixed after the fact. Many manufactures make spikes, fins, pony tails and other unique items to help make your helmet style as unique as you are.

Safety First

Your first and foremost consideration when it comes to a motorcycle helmet should be safety.  Don’t be fooled by brands that make claims such as safety rated or top safety pick.  A truly safe motorcycle helmet will have a certification from the D.O.T. that certifies the helmet has passed independent testing and has been found to meet minimum standards for safety.  If a helmet doesn’t have this D.O.T. rating it shouldn’t be on your head.

  • Quick Tips – When it comes to safety, the D.O.T. rating is the threshold, but there are other features you should watch for. The Snell rating system exceeds the D.O.T. standards and is always a good option.  Many helmets also feature interior safety features such as removable check pads that come out easily giving first responders easier access to your head in the event of a crash.

Helmet Price

Helmets are definitely an investment and can range in prices depending on features, style and brand.  Optional features such as built in Bluetooth electronics, can make the price of a helmet jump.  Before you begin shopping, figure out how much you can afford to spend on a helmet.  There will be options in any price range.  In fact, you can find quality basic motorcycle helmets with full D.O.T. ratings for under $100.  The more you are able to spend, the better the chances that you will be able to find uniquely featured models.  Helmets can range from $50 to $500 or beyond.  Compare price with features to decide what is on your must have list.

  • Quick Tips – Any time price is a consideration you should always be prepared to shop around. In store motorcycle shops will often have to mark their helmets up to accommodate overhead, employees and other physical costs.  Don’t be afraid to visit a local store to try on models, and then search online for the best value to make your purchase.

Tips For Using The Motorcycle Helmet

Buying the best motorcycle helmet is one thing and using it properly is a whole different thing. Therefore, here are some keys to using a motorcycle helmet right.

  • Put the helmet right: if you know how to place the helmet on your head then it is half the job done. It has been see that most people don’t even know how to put it on correctly. An important tip for putting it right is getting helmet as per the size of your head. Placement of the helmet will have a direct impact on the fit which is essential for any helmet.
  • Strap it on: you will see that in almost every type of helmet there is a strap. You need to make sure that you strap it on as soon as you wear the helmet. Strapping it will assure that your helmet is stuck to your head no matter what. This is a strategically placed safety measure which the manufacturer puts in the products in the event you come face to face with any unforeseen event.
  • Keep the flip on: in case you have a Full Face helmet, you must keep the flip on while you ride. It makes sure that no foreign objects cause any hindrance or hit your face when you are riding. So it is advisable to put in on at all times without fail to keep you safe.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How often should I replace my helmet and why?

A: It is essential to replace the helmet every five years. This is based on a consensus by helmet manufacturers and the Snell foundation. This is because the glues and resins used in the manufacture of the helmet can affect the inner lining material. Also, the hair oils, body fluids and cosmetics can lead to the general reduction in the standard of the products. So, replacing it every few years is a must.

Q: How do I know if a particular helmet has a good fit for me?

A: Having a helmet which has a good fit is as important as wearing a helmet. For this, you should try out different sizes to opt for the most comfortable one. To check if the helmet in question is of the correct size, you could buckle the strap and then bring the lower back of the helmet forward and the front brow region of the helmet to the back to see if it is too loose or tight. Leave a helmet on for 10 minutes to check for any discomfort.

Q: What should I do to maintain the motorcycle helmet?

A: When the helmet is not in use, never keep the product in a place that damages the inner lining of the helmet. For instance, it should be kept away from the motorcycle mirror. To maintain it, you could use mild soap water for cleaning the outsides and the inner lining of it. Also, keep in mind never to use any chemical detergent on the product or use any paints on it.

Q: Why should you wear Snell certified helmets?

A: Snell certifications require a set of levels to ensure the protective performance of the helmet. The headgears that meet the criteria of Snell certifications are the best in their standards working towards protecting you and saving your life.

Q: How do I know if a particular helmet is Snell certified or not?

A: There are two labels available for Snell helmets. Firstly, there is an adhesive label which is used somewhere on the insides of the helmet. Secondly, there can also be a cloth type helmet that is usually sewn on to the chin strap. Your helmet is Snell certified only if you find one of these two labels on the model. If not, then irrespective of the claims, the helmet does not meet the criteria.

Q: What can I do to prevent strap creeps in my helmet?

A: It is not unusual to find some straps creeping on your helmet and becoming loose after only one ride. For this reason, you should always opt for helmets with a standard width strap rather than the absolutely skinny ones. You could also add some O rings to allow the buckle to lock. This can take care of the straps.

Q: Can I use the motorcycle helmet for purposes other than cycling, like sports activities?

A: Every helmet is designed for a specific purpose and it is essential that you use it for that purpose only. So, if it is meant for a motorcycle, it is best not to use it for activities like sports and the likes. Similarly, a helmet designed for the purpose of sporting activities should not be used for cycling purposes.

Q: What is the best way to store your helmet?

A: After every use of the helmet, you could air dry it to get rid of hair oils and sweat and then store it in a cool and dry place. You should keep it away from sharp objects and things with projections to prevent it from getting damaged. Never store your helmet for long hours under direct sunlight or in an automobile trunk where it can get damaged easily due to the excessive heat.

Our Final Word

We all know that motorcycle helmets are an integral part of the riding experience.  Hopefully we’ve shown you that there are multiple options to choose from in every style, color, feature and price range.  Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice is to not worrying about picking just one.  Multiple helmets for different riding styles, weather conditions or just as the mood suits you, is the perfect solution for someone looking to change things up.  Multiple helmets in your collection will also let you be versatile in your riding experiences and style.  The most important thing is to not forget to wear your helmet in the first place.  It’s not only the law in most places, it also just makes good, safe and stylish sense!

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