Vega X888 Full Face Helmet Review

Safety is always on our mind and it becomes even more important when it comes to biking. Protecting yourself from any chances of head injury during bike accidents is very essential. These days’ helmets are not just for protection, its looks also matter. Classy bikers tend to opt for classy helmets and so on. The Vega X888 Full Face Helmet is one of the best ones of its kind that we have reviewed to date. There are a number of features available in this helmet that is simply amazing.

Vega X888 Full Face Helmet

This helmet has received many different certifications and has been approved by many. Those who have used it have taken the decision not to settle for anything less. There are a number of factors that we must look into so as to decide how good the product is.

Full Face protection

This helmet is a large sized full face helmet, providing protection to the whole face at a time. This will help you stay safe and obtain full protection while you are riding. Unlike most other full face helmets this will provide ample opportunities for ventilation and breathing. This, in turn, will allow you to keep your face covered and protected at ease without the slightest discomfort.

Extra Cushioning

The helmet consists of extra padding compared to other helmets and the padding material was given is much better than most helmets available in the markets today. Along with the extra cushion, the inner lining of the helmet is also made such that it gives enough comfort to the user along with all the protection. The wick-dry anti-microbial fabric and the perfect cradle for your head are just what are provided. The company knows how careful you are and thus helps you to stay protected as well as comfortable at the same time. This helmet is known for its perfect fit and comfort to the users.

Shield Choices

The manufacturers and designers are aware that every person has their individual set of needs and wants and thus they have brought as many as 9 shield choices. One can select from a range of anti-fog, tinted glass and many more types of shields. This shield is very important as it is not only for protection but also should be strong enough to be able to resist forces and give a clear view to the wearer. The third point is very essential as it itself may lead to accidents if not properly designed. The shields are replaceable and can be obtained separately in the markets at s nominal price.

Ventilation is the key

The helmet comes with ample ventilation. The manufacturers are aware of the fact that comfort is one f the main criterion for choosing a bike accessory such as the helmet. Furthermore, when it comes to full face helmets then ventilation is the answer to it. The Vega X888 helmet is the ultimate answer to this. It consists of mouth, rear, chin and forehead vents. This gives enough scope for air-circulation while in use and minimizes the discomfort for the user. The vents aid is giving a free and comfortable experience to the user. Moreover, the most attractive feature of these vents is that it is replaceable and is available separately from the manufacturer on demand. The control of the air flow is in your hands and you can adjust it as per your convenience.

Sizes are available

To cater to the requirements of a number of users all around, this helmet from Vega is available in X-Small size apart from the large one. It assures the perfect fit for every user. This helmet is very powerful when it comes to protection but is extremely light weight. For this, the credit goes to the inner foam lining and protection which is almost weightless. This has been designed such that it does not provide any extra load on the users head while biking.

Color Variation

You can select your favorite color from the range of colors for this Helmet. The style of this helmet is also such that it gives a complete sophisticated look to the biker and also meets the safety requirements of the user. You can choose from the glossy to the graphic helmets available. The manufacturer is aware that every person has different requirements and they put that into use conveniently.

It is Certified and Affordable

Unlike most other products having high quality, this helmet is available at a very affordable price even though it is US DOT FMVSS 218 certified for its protection. Along with all this, the helmet also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty that covers all manufacturing defects but not wears and tear.

The overall response for the helmet is quite good but, however, there are a few flaws. If you wear glasses then the padding on the inner sides of the helmet might be a little problem for you. Your glasses might not stay in position once you put on the helmet and that might be risky for the ride. Furthermore, the stitch of the lining might not be so good, but that’s only if you are very unlucky. This is what we have gathered about the product but we would suggest you use it for yourself and judge the safety of the product. You are the best judge.

This Vega X888 full face helmet has served its users well over the years and has become quite popular within a small span of time. The affordability and the excellent features of it are the key to this popularity. The amount of comfort this helmet can come with is unattainable by many of its kind and thus, it stands out as one of the best. The critics have also rated it as a useful and safe product so far along with the users everywhere. This helmet gives the bike riding experience a whole new class and here safety comes in style. The biker just needs to keep their eye on the road while the whole world stares at their class.



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