MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Review

Every person having knowledge about motorcycles and super bikes to be precise will know what MV represents. This new model in the market still has a few comparisons to be made with other bikes of MV as well as other companies. Frequent questions are asked such as is the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 really worth being called a touring bike? What changes have been made in this model compared to the other? Will it be worth it?

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800

2015 MV Agusta 800 Review:

Ride Quality:

This particular model has stayed away from any competitiveness that is offered in the market today by other bikes. The bike isn’t among one of the adventurous bikes but it is suitable for traditional touring. It has advanced in road offerings with 17 inch wheels and no underside rock protection. This bike weighing 212kg is also much lighter than a normal adventurous touring bike. It is much more compact and narrow even though it contains two 30-litre hard panniers easily storing a biker’s helmet.


This vehicle is the first bike to use a 798cc three cylinder motor. This motor was first seen while the screening of the F3 bike. But the Veloce’s engine has been retuned with 110bhp of peak power along with 61.2ftlb of torque. This motor occasionally causes vibrations but normally functions smoothly and powerful. Retuning the engine is the biggest change made to this bike. The bike does not lack power at any time and further on the engine has the potential to provide an excellent performance to the biker.

Build Quality & Reliability:

When the quality of the bikes was tested on their launch was considered as first class. The paintwork is just excellent the final fittings and adjustments are done perfectly. And it has an impressive finishing touch to it. This is another masterpiece done by MV by building such a unique and great looking bike. But the dealing networks in the UK are facing some initial problems. Both the MV Company and the importer for the MV Agusta are working hard to erase these problems. So before owning this bike, it is necessary to know that no further problems will be faced in the future.

Running costs and value:

This is one of the hurdles which the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce is facing at the moment. It is a large hurdle which cannot be avoided now but MV can overcome such a problem. This hurdle is the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer. The package that it offers comes with riding modes, tracing control and ABS. The price will come lesser than the amount paid for a base MV model.

It has been stated by the owner of the company, Giovanni Castiglioni that this Tracer isn’t in competition with the Yamaha and MV has no interest in competing with a Japanese company. The MV bike is very different than a Yamaha.

This maybe the truth and this further improves the chances of the MV bike brand to be sold. But it can only happen once the entire dealing network in the UK is stabilized and expanded. The Tracer will offer almost all the components in the package but it will provide a 30% savings which will benefit the buyer.


This model, the Turismo Veloce 800 is considered as a touring bike which is redesigned and re-constructed in such a way that has acquired faster speed; it is lightweight in comparison to other models and far more dynamic than any other MV model.

The bike is available in two models namely the standard Veloce and the Veloce Lusso. The Lusso comes with a full LED Lighting around. The dashboard has a larger and is fully colored and the suspension of the bike is electrically controlled.

Both of the Tursimo versions have all the standard electronics required and also includes the new Motor Vehicle Integrated Control System (MVICS 2.0). The entire system is electronically controlled with four different riding modes. It even comes with an automated gearshift blipper system, working on up and down going gears.

The bike further has an ABS which is standard and combined with an anti-rear wheel lift. The main benefit that a MV can claim is that it provides the individual with a 20% reduction for fuel consumption in comparison to the current available 800cc triples. The fuel tank is 22-litre which is also larger.

Overall Rating:

This bike is simply considered to be a phenomenal form of machinery. It is new, more agile as well as being lighter. It is the perfect for a biker to have while touring. It is just a brilliant new form of production from the MV Augusta Company who has also taken their efforts to make this bike to have the best appearance.

But still some people may have different views considering this bike to be just another super bike to have parked inside their garage. For others, preferring to opt for a Yamaha MT-09 may be considered as it is a much more affordable option to the Turismo Veloce 800.

For a company initially small like the MV, the decision for making such a bike may have been a tough call. But once the bike was made and tested in the first ride, the results shown were proving that this new direction was the right call made. The bike was tested for around 150 miles worth of mountainous roads. And the hard work put in made the bike what it is today; a fast bike having much more agility, a bike which is comfortable and practical to have. And above all, it is much lighter and far easier manageable to any of the large and powerful bikes present in the biking sector today.

It has even been seen previously that launching of any new MV bike by the MCN may have a lot of differences between the bikes hand-prepared for launching and bikes produced in the factories of the UK. So the first impression of the bike is good but if the production causes any delays then the impression doesn’t remain for long. There has been a slight difference between the first hand-prepared bike which was launched and tested on the road to the one produced in a factory. But the first impressions have been almost positive at all the times.

This bike mainly has a large number of good points and very few bad qualities. There are a few tiny fuelling niggles which occur now and then. But one of the bigger issues would be the fitting of the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires. This bike is not considered as an off road bike in any aspect. So why such light off-road tires have been assembled into the bike still remains as a mystery. Maybe changing them into modern sports tires used for touring purposes can be considered.

Another annoying drawback comes in the form that the bike has nothing related to how and why the machine is fitted. But it is mainly for the fitment of the accessory satnav. The metal bar which is present between the screens of the bike just looks ugly and just removes the entire style of the bike instantly. It also causes a stop and an obstruction in accessing the screen which is manually adjustable. The screen isn’t wide enough for providing the rider access to use his gloved hand.

Another smaller negative aspect is that the indicator switch doesn’t have the proper positivity which is mainly required after it is switched on. This doesn’t make the rider aware whether or not the indicators are entirely turned off.

But these are the only negative aspects that the bike has as most of the work is all positive. The tour ride provides pleasure to the rider in every aspect. Though the three-cylinder motor will cause some vibration sometimes, it mainly keeps on staying smooth and powerful while the bike is active.

The brakes also provide a very strong performance. Electronics work perfectly and the seat is well adjustable and comfortable at all times. The screen is used for keeping any excessive wind away at all times. So this bike is really a very good choice for the person traveling often on touring as it is guaranteed to be their best touring buddy at all times.

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