How To Pick The Best Motorcycle Helmet For Your Kid?

Does your kid love bikes? Is the kid constantly asking if they can ride a motorcycle? We totally understand your concern about the safety and risk involved in biking. You want your kids to enjoy their childhood just like you did and you have given them the permission to ride a bike. You might be considering getting a bike for your munchkin. Read below to find out more about finding the best kids motorcycle helmets and gears.

pick the best motorcycle helmet for your kid

Factors to consider for the right motorcycle helmet for your kids:

1. Safety and Comfort

Solid Interior Padding:

When you are biking, your neck and head are most prone to injuries and damage. You should check the interior of the helmet for your kid’s safety. Polystyrene padding is used to absorb energy. Padding is designed in a helmet to serve two purposes:

  • When riding for a long time, it lessens neck fatigue.
  • The inner lining along the cheek and head is necessary for maximum protection. It acts as a shock absorber between your head and the surface it hits.
  • The Youth helmets should not be as padded as adult helmets.
Motorcycle Helmet Standards:

Ensure that the kid helmet meets the standard requirements by DOT, ECE or SNELL.

  • DOT is the US Department of Transportation which sets the minimum riding helmet standards.
  • ECE stands for European version of DOT.
  • If you want to dive into professional and riskier biking like motocross or dirt biking, then check for SNELL certified product. It is a nonprofit entity that ensures very stringent rating for helmets. They are sure to ensure the safety of your head and neck and rarely fail.

Try to look for helmets that are well ventilated so it is easy for the rider to rider longer and in humid weather. Helmets will get a lot of dust, odor and sweat accumulated. Some helmets come with removable lining that is easy to wash and improves hygiene. It will also keep the hair and scalp healthy.

2. Size

Chances are your kid is constantly growing but do not try to buy a size bigger due to this. It is crucial that the helmet fits snug.  If the size if bigger than the head size the kid may not get enough protection from it. One hack if you know you will be using this helmet long term is to look for adjustable paddings.

3. Type

There are many types of helmets from full face to the ones specifically designed to drive off road.

Full face: Without a doubt provides most protection covering the entire face going up to the neck.  In case of an accident the chances of any head injury with this helmet is very less.  They are also made up of chin bars to protect jaw line.

Open-face: As the names suggests, this helmet provide a better vision of the road but provides less protection as it is open.

Three-quarter helmet: Cover the head, back of the neck and has a protection for the eyes.  It doesn’t come with a chin bar.

Modular: It can be used as a full face helmet or an open faced helmet by opening the visor. A 3-point visor gives a stylish look and improves vision. It has multiple vents that run along the side improving the ride quality altogether.

Off-road: Increased breathability for easy movement.

4. Price

Your child is constantly growing and there are high chances that your kid will outgrow the helmet soon.  Buy a helmet that has met basic standards and is budget friendly if your child is an occasional rider.  SNELL certified helmets are quite rare to find and are usually expensive.

But they are bound to provide complete protection and are ideal for kids if they are pursuing professional biking and trying more tricks. Avoid buying a brand that is totally unheard unless it is tested and approves by the standards commission.

Some of the most popular brands for kids motorcycle helmets are Vega, Razor, Typhoon, CKX, LS2 and IV2.

5. What your kid wants:

The graphics and the design are particularly catchy to kids and make sure your kids love the helmet you are buying. They are more likely to use it if the helmet has their favorite design on it.

Extra accessories for a better riding experience

  • Ear plugs: Biking is a loud activity and using a pair of ear plugs to reduce the noise will have long term benefits on your kid.
  • Goggles: Buy goggles if the helmet you have doesn’t have a visor. Paired with the helmet it improves performance and visibility. Look for urethane frame goggles with comfortable face foam so it doesn’t hurt your kid.

Tips for the young riders:

Here are some general tips for the young riders:

  • Wear the right gear and you will enjoy riding at its best.
  • Be defensive and alert about the road and surroundings.
  • Avoid bad weather and watch out for road hazards.


Make sure you are keeping the helmet clean and regularly washing the inner pads and liners. Wearing a dirty helmet can cause problems with your kid’s hair, skin and even drive comfortably.

As a parent, you do not want to leave a single stone unturned to make sure your child is enjoying riding motorcycles and is safe. Consider the following features in a helmet before going to the store to buy kids motorcycle helmet. You will see a lot of attractive ones your child mat want right away, let them choose the design they want while you can pay attention to the following features discussed here.

Teach them the basic safety skills about riding a bike like how they have to get on the bike from the left and look out for the exhaust pipe as it is hot. Slowly, your kids will have these rules set in his head and learn how to ride safe with his gears.

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