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Important  Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is quite enjoyable for many people. It provides a kind of excitement and fun for them. However, for some other people, it might turn out to be a fearful experience. But, this is not a 100% correct approach for riding the motorcycle in the rain.

The main 3 building blocks of safe riding for a motorcycle rider are smooth, relaxed and confident. It means that the rider must drive smoothly on roads. He/she shall be relaxed and confident while riding the bike.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain

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When you want to ride in the rain, always follow some tips and rules that will help you in safe and better riding. Some of the important tips are given below:

  • Rain-proof clothing

Before going on a motorcycle riding, always wear proper rain-proof clothes that do not allow rainwater to get into the clothes. This will save you from getting wet in the heavy rain. It will also prevent you from getting cold and cough.

  • Safety with the Helmet

You must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in the rain. It not only saves your life but also helps to cover your face when the speed of the rain is high. When the rain’s velocity is above 32mph then it might hurt your face while driving.

  • Check the tyres of the motorcycle

At the time you are going out on the motorcycle in the rain; always check the condition of the tyres. If the tyres are looking slippery and greasy, then never use that bike for driving. This condition of the tyre is very much responsible for the major accident on roads.

  • Look out the road

Try to look out the road over which you are going to ride the motorcycle. The road must not be oily. The manholes must also be covered, as open one can be a threat to a person’s life.

  • Watch out for deep holes on the road

Check if there is any deep hole in the road. At the time of rain, these holes can get filled up with the water and makes the rider confuse as the water hides in the holes. This can result in an accident or an injury to the rider.

  • Wait for the rain to get stopped

Sometimes when the rain starts after a gap of several dry weather days, it results in more dangerous conditions due to the presence of a lot of oil and dirt. If there is no emergency of going out, then try to wait for the rain to get stopped.

  • Reduce the speed

You should not drive fast on the roads at the time of rain. The high speed can reduce the amount of contact that must be present between the roads and the wheels of the bike. These further results in the decrease in the amount of grip and stability that you need to ride the motorcycle in the rain and can lead to dangerous accidents.

  • Wear full face helmet

In the period of heavy rain, while riding the motorcycle, you must wear a full face helmet. This provides a type of shield to your face so that your visibility on the road can get an increase. This keeps the rain away from falling directly over the face.

  • Avoid riding over the railway tracks

If it is possible for you, then try to avoid riding the motorcycle over the railway track. These tracks are made up of metal and when it gets wet in the rain, it turns out to be very slippery.

  • Check the brake resistance power

Before going out on the motorcycle, check the brakes of your bike. In the rain period, the brake does not work properly if there is any kind of loose wire in the brakes. The loose brakes grip can lead to an unfortunate incident on the roads.\

  • Never use break strongly

The brakes of the motorcycle must not be used strongly when it is wet. You should always use the breaks gently so that the bike does not slip over the road.

riding a motorcycle in the rain

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Hence, you must not stop riding a motorcycle only because of rain. Just stay calm, relaxed and enjoy the wonderful experience of riding in the rain after following the above tips. Hope this add up to the precious memories of your life.

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