How to Buy a Motorcycle

Today Motorcycle is one of the common modes of transport, especially for youngsters. It is easiest and convenient mode of transport available in the market. The majority of the population wants to own his/her favorite motorcycle. You may one among them. There are numerous models of different companies available in the market which makes the selection of your favorite motorcycle more difficult. After spending your valuable money when you have a right bike, you can enjoy the comfort of the motorcycle with some sense of warm wind of independence.

How to Buy a Motorcycle

 Steps for Buying a Motorcycle

When you go to the market and look at the numerous options available for buying a bike, it creates a kind of confusing situation sometimes. When you have a clear picture of your motorcycle in your mind, it will be quite easy for you to purchase it. Therefore, there are some steps that need to be followed when you are buying a bike for the first time. It will not only help you in making the best selection but also benefits in buying an appropriate bike.

The following are the important steps that must be followed by every new buyer of the bike:

1. Aware of your requirement of the bike

A motorcycle is the ultimate form of transportation but not suited for every segment of people. You must be aware that whether you require a bike or not. If yes, then for what purpose you need it. You can do this by reading subject matter article, talking to people already using the motorcycle. You can ask them about their experiences, positive as well as the negative aspect of the motorcycle. Further, you can discuss with your family, friends etc to come to any logical conclusion as your decision of buying motorcycle also has a direct or indirect effect on them.
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Once you decide to purchase a motorcycle, the next step is to decide and finalize the budget.

2. Decide the Budget of Buying your Motorcycle

To decide on the finance part of the motorcycle, you first need to make your budget on the monthly basis. After this, calculate your total income from all sources and your total expenses for a month. In the expense statement, also, take into account the safety portion which will later help for annual maintenance like the insurance premium, fuel cost, registration cost etc. The difference between the income and expenses give you the amount which you are in hand per month. If you want to take the loan for your favorite motorcycle, try that loan repayment period is not more than five years.

3. Ascertain the Type as well as Size of the Motorcycle

There are so many models of bikes with different sizes; style and weight are available in the market. Both the safety and fun in riding the motorcycle are critical for you while choosing the right fit motorcycle for the specific purpose. A novel bike rider will always want to have a simple motorcycle but a person who has a long practice of bike riding must require an advanced bike. For e.g. If you want to use the motorcycle for riding long distances, you may go for one having displacement > 750cc and equipped with luggage place and wind shielded. In the case of normal riding, the standard bike is the best choice.

Your height, as well as weight, is not a serious thing but it should be taken into consideration before purchase because ultimately it will provide you comfort in riding the best-suited motorcycle for you. On the broad level, a beginner should exclude heavy motorcycle or have high picked up. Similarly, the new user avoids sports bike as it is high power, sensitive controls and not a good learning tool. The best choice for the beginner is selecting a standard bike before gaining experience and become confident enough.

4. Self-satisfaction must be your first priority

You must be complacent with your choice of purchase in the end as you are going to live with it for several years. You must feel proud of your vehicle and start imagining this bike in your garage. A kind of assurance must be present that this is the only bike about which you used to dream while riding on your friend’s motorcycle. The motorcycle you purchase must fulfill all your desires and needs. After conducting adequate research, you should be convinced that its performance will meet the desired standards.

5. Various Mediums of purchasing bike

The next point is to know the medium through which you can purchase the right bike for you. There are so many places through which you can get to know about the buying of the bike. If you are considering for a used motorcycle, then check the various on-line sites, like eBay , classified sections in the local newspapers. But, if you are looking for a new motorcycle, then find a trader on the online websites or in the yellow pages.

However, when you use the classifieds like Craigslist or another site, be quite cautious to evade a probable scam. You must meet the individual at a public place each time and always tell one of your known friends that where you are going. It will be better if you do not give any personal check to the party as it shows your bank account number.

It is always advisable to make payment in cash. If you pay in cash, then ask for the signed receipt. When you are dealing straight with a private trader, try to bargain over the price of the bike. These types of traders are easy to negotiate. If everything regarding the bike is fine, then make the payment immediately along with the signed receiving, signed off the name, keys as well as accessories.

6. Important Guidelines while purchasing a new bike

If you are purchasing a new bike, then there are some guidelines that must be followed strictly. You must try to explore a dealer that has a decent reputation in the market. You may also search on the consumer online websites like Google for the consumer evaluations. Besides this, you can attempt to visit two or more traders that are selling the similar vehicle according to your convenience. Then do interrogation about the total sum, comprising destination costs and assembling expenses. Some of the traders mainly waived off these types of charges for their customers.

It is generally better if you can avoid the voluntary aftermarket warranty coverage for your new bike. Actually, the traders make a significant profit on such policies. But, still if you wish to buy such policy, try to buy it from the outside opposing companies. However, it will be sensible if you should not get involve into a conversation with the trader that how much you can spend on the EMI of your bike. Firstly, settle the final price of the motorcycle and then plan how to pay it to the dealer.

You must read all the minute details of the contract cautiously before signing the purchase agreement. There are some dealers who also force their clients to take service from their center only in order to validate the warranty period service. But, this is not a compulsory rule for everyone as you may service from the outside source also.

7. Mode of Payment

The next step is to decide the mode of making payment to the dealer. The best way to make payment is cash only as it is one of the secure media. There are some dealers who also offer the financing service to their customers. If you are going to pay through the financing medium, then try to make the small term of payment of the loan.

The term of payment must not extend five years period. In numerous cases, the bike starts getting depreciated in the first two years and it affects the actual price of the motorcycle also. Therefore, by selecting a shorter tenure, you can reduce this risk.

If the payment sum does not match your monthly budget, then do not agree with it. The interest rate which you will pay for the loan must be clearly specified in the agreement and should not be variable also. You must get the signed copies of all the related paperwork of your bike until you own it on your name.


After considering the above steps, you may move ahead towards buying your dream bike. It is always beneficial if you get the insurance of your motorcycle after buying it. A registration of the bike must also be done under your name. The local means of transportation branch will verify the VIN to check if there is any issue.

It is a duty of every citizen of the country to pay all the taxes by disclosing the right amount of cost of the bike. In order to become a perfect motorcyclist, a motorcycle safety course must be done if you are a new bike rider. Now, you can relish your motorcycle journey with lots of fun!


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