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Reasons to purchase the Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator!

You can use the Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator to explore various journeys whether it is a weekday normal journey to the city and nearby or a well-planned weekend trip with your friends. This navigator is built in a manner to suit the needs of your two-wheeler, providing adequate information to explore the roads on your journey.

Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator


Coming to some of the most fascinating features of this Motorcycle navigator, it comes with an appealing display of a 4.3 inch color display. It has the information stored and wrapped in an easy to read format that facilitates the easy understanding for users of the navigators. The information is presented in a high comprehensive format in order to enhance the capacities of users in derive fullest potential of the product.

It features an interface that is intuitive in nature that facilitates the storage of information even more easily into the system. It also comprises of sunlight readable display that helps in maintaining the screen visibility even on bright sunlight days. This helps in the readability of the navigator despite the kind of weather that sets in and serves as one of the advantages of the purchase of this product. It also comprises of a case that is resistant against any fuel sprays or UV rays, keeping the screen of the navigator for visibility intact. This sturdy built and design of the product makes for one of the principal reasons for its purpose.

Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator helps you to access directions easily and proficiently because of its in built functions. It is already preloaded with street maps and other functions that include the site points for various important locations of that of hotels, restaurants, ATMs and petrol stations. It also consists of three dimensional views of lanes and that of juncture points for easier access to destinations. It comes with a digital fuel gauge as well. This helps to keep a count of the number of miles covered by the vehicle and assists the rider to take a quick decision of when the stop before the next gas station.

You are also liable to enjoy the free lifetime updates of maps that does not fail to include important locations, points of interests so that all the navigation information is right there at the tip of your fingers. At the same one can avail to the facility of map updates in the system that is available about four times in the span of a year without any incurring any other additional fee or subscription charges.

It is enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology that facilitates the usage of the device to stay connected while one is on the go. The technology enables one to freely talk over the phone without the requirement or need to remove the gloves or the helmet. All that you have to do for this is to connect your Bluetooth enabled navigator with your headset and then set it up with your cell phone in order to be able to make calls freely and without hassle.

You can also make calls to the points of interests by connecting it to the Bluetooth interface that facilitates the exchange of information and is the perfect means to have a quick shift of plan or a stop point for procuring some food or fuel. It is also enabled with the functionality of having spoken street names that has voice prompts for easy comprehension of directions and maps.

What comes in the kit of the product?

  • The Preloaded City Navigator® NT for U.S. and Canada that helps in easier access to directions and enables faster mode of communication bridging distances faster than ever
  • Motorcycle mount with integrated power cable and mounting hardware that maintains the physical status of the product providing it a sturdy built of appeal.
  • Carrying case that is used for providing the basic bit of protection to the product.
  • Battery pack for efficient supply of power to the system.
  • Automotive suction cup mount
  • Automotive power cable for quick power set up.
  • USB cable for power connections.
  • Dashboard disk
  • Quick start manual for easier comprehension of instructions to use the navigator.


  • Provides enhance awareness of the surroundings by its high technical functionalities. This is because it enables one to view three dimensional objects and buildings with clarity in the maps, thus making one more aware of the terrain that one is about to venture into.
  • It has its feature of lane assists that also provides junction view for the user, thus enabling one to have a clear distinction of junction points on the map.
  • The wireless Bluetooth technology helps in providing great connectivity to the phones and headsets without any hassles, and helps one stay connected even while driving.
  • It has high resolution that provides images in greater clarity facilitating the view of objects and locations in the maps.
  • It has a great touch display that is built in a manner to be used in any weather or climate.


  • The power set up is not very pleasing and it could be a little tedious to have it done.
  • It does not work very efficiently with maps loaded in a version different from its own.
  • The interface is not as fast paced as is expected to be.
  • Can cause a little drill hole in the pocket.

The article above enlists all the features that encompass the activity of this newly launched navigator. Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator does have some highly exclusive features that are enlisted in the beginning of the topic. The entire product package includes a diverse range of accessories to facilitate the usage of the product as is mentioned above. Further adding to this, the product has its own advantages and disadvantages, as are given. As a navigator, it does more than just one. It has high scientific functionality and employs good technology that maintains the standards of the product in terms of performance and durability.

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