Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Motorcycle

 Buying a motorcycle is the critical investment which involves the significant amount of any individual. It is not the activity which you perform on daily basis. Therefore to select the best motorcycle for you, the considerable amount of research is research is required as per your needs. There are a number of companies available in the market which gives tempting offers to its customers. It is most important that you list down the options available in front of you then give proper weightage to each point to avoid any sort of bad deal.

It is the natural business phenomenon that companies exist in the market for making the profit. Each company has its own business model. Some are more focus on profit whereas some give best services to its customers. Therefore, proper analysis and reviews shall be taken from existing users to get the best option for you.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Motorcycle

In order to get the best deal of the best fit motorcycle for you, it is imperative to collect all possible information from multiple sources available today like internet, reviews about the company, word of mouth etc. before finalizing the model. You must also compare the prices and quality of service offered by dealers of respective companies to get the clearer picture.

 Guidelines to Follow before Buying Motorcycle

Guidelines to Follow before Buying Motorcycle


Here are some basic and crucial guidelines you can follow to make your search of motorcycle easier. It will also help to get the best fit option for you as per the requirement.

1. Size

The first important point taken into consideration is the size of the motorcycle. Depends upon your needs and type of rider you are, you can select the best size motorcycle for you. For the new rider, the size of the motorcycle is even more important because it is difficult to handle motorcycles large in size. Similarly, if you a rider for small distance or within the local town, the small motorcycle will be the right fit for you. A lot of customizations options are also available on the motorcycle to tailor the needs of the rider.

2. Bike Category

There are different categories of bike available in the market. Therefore, it depends on upon the individual need and usage tendency to get the best category of motorcycle. The five basic categories of motorcycle are cruiser bike, Sport bike, Standard Bike, Touring Bike and Dual purpose / Adventure Touring Bike. Each category of motorcycle has its own characteristics and drawbacks. You need to identify the usage pattern first before deciding the category of bike best suited to you.

2.Bike Category


There is no general format for categorising all different types of motorcycles. The classification of motorcycle is described by various institutions. One formal way of classification is defined by the motorcycle sanctioning institution. They are having strict norms for registration, road safety guidelines, rider license and smoke emission. There is also one informal mechanism of classification done by motorcycle manufacturing companies, riders and media.

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3. Engine Power

3.Engine Power


The power of the engine is the next key point to be taken care of while deciding the motorcycle. It is not pertinent that large motorcycle has engine having more power. The sports bike having small engines but can generate a lot of power as compared to other categories of bikes. The engine power is more important for the first time bike rider who are not familiar with motorcycle pickup. A Large engine having high insurance cost as compared to the small engine.

4. Bike Insurance

4.Bike Insurance


The insurance bike is also calculated in advance before selecting the best kind of motorcycle for you. This is because some insurance companies do not provide motorcycle insurance feature due to high liability cost. Therefore, it is more important to check with the insurance companies regarding the insurance option for you future bike. The size of the engine is the main factor decides the insurance premium of the motorcycle.

5. Repair & Maintenance

After the purchase of the motorcycle, maintenance cost is the prime factor for the rider. Some motorcycle is more reliable, robust and is having low maintenance cost while other having the high cost of maintenance. Therefore, the proper study is required to check the previous track record of bike related to its repair & maintenance cost.

6. Mileage of Bike

As the fuel prices rise globally day by day, mileage of the motorcycle also plays the significant role while deciding the right kind of motorcycle for you. Some types of the motorcycle have better mileage as compared to others. In fact, latest hybrid cars launch in the market have more mileage than few types of bikes.

7. Features of Motorcycle

Features of Motorcycle


The motorcycle is becoming more popular day by day and evolving as the convenient and prevalent mode of transport. As the number of customers of motorcycle increases, companies are now focussed on various features and other accessories to differentiate their product as compared to the other players in the market. There are a lot of accessories and features available in today’s motorcycle as compared to the past. Some have inbuilt jacket warmers, some have the music system, and some have fans while other have even the features of airbags. Therefore, you have to decide what you are looking for in your best fit motorcycle. There are no standard protocols for first-time riders however following points gives a serious thought while deciding your first set of wheels:

  • Height of Seat

Seat height of motorcycle is very important whether you are the beginner or experienced rider. Because it depends on individual height rather than on expertise of the rider. A comfortable seat height is that on which both of your feet touches the ground. Similarly for tall riders, the motorcycle with low seat height is also not comfortable. This best way to find out the ideal seat height for you is to visit the company showroom and try different bikes to find out what seat height is best suited to you. Once you find the ideal seat height for you then search the bike falls in that bracket of seat height only.

  • Bike Weight

The bike weight also matters a lot while riding. The heavy bikes are best suited for highway riding whereas lightweight bikes suited for streets. It is also difficult to handle heavy bikes for the beginners.

The bike weight should be such that if the bike falls down then you are able to upright it without anyone help. Therefore, take your strength into consideration while deciding the heavy bike.

8. Gear

Post purchase of bike gear of the bike is most important as it can save your life. The selection of right gear items is most critical while riding the bike. It is highly recommended to begin your motorcycle riding by following the code of “all the gear, all the time” known as ATGATT.

bike gear


The main gear items consist of helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and pants. You may buy used other gear items except the helmet. It is highly recommended to buy the new brand helmet exactly fit your head size.

There are various options to buy the helmet for you. Full-face helmets are a must, as they provide the best protection. It is very significant that your helmet fitting appropriately, so don’t purchase the helmet online until you tested the exact model and make.

9. Decide your Needs

There ae numerous type of motorcycle available in the market. Some are big in size whereas some are small. Some are heavy in weight while some are light. Therefore, you must first list down your needs before picking the best fit bike for you. Analyse where you are going to use the motorcycle. Are you riding in streets or on the highway? Are you require motorcycle for short distances or for long distances? etc. Finalization of your needs shall help to finalize the right bike for you. If you are occasional rider then you can go for the high-end bike but if you are regular rider then go for the bike which is most comfortable for you. Therefore, identifying your requirements will make selecting your upcoming motorcycle to become substantially stress-free.

10. Recognize your choices

With the advancement of technology, specialized motorcycle also become increase day by day. There are a number of choices in front of the users to select the best fit bike. Once you finalize your needs and decide what exactly you want in your bike, analyze the motorcycle galleries, reviews of users before visiting the showroom.

While interrelating with diverse motorcycles, you’ll possibly develop different dislikes and likes, which will get you one stage nearer to making a buying choice.

11. Choose a Motorcycle that suits your physique

This parameter while selecting a bike is less apparent than it sounds likes. The motorcycle comes in different sizes, shapes and weight and so does the human physique. Therefore, it is the best option to just go for a bike which suits your body also. This will lead to more comfortable riding experience in the long run. It might possible that sports bike looks attractive in the beginning but for the daily commuter, it leads to wrist pain and discomfort ride. Therefore, try for different bikes before finalizing the best one for you.

12. Used or New

12.Used or New


Purchase of used bike option is also available on the market. It is trade-off associated between selecting used bike or the new bike. There is no standard protocol to decide which one is correct option ad which one is wrong. It completely depends on individual choice, preferences, and usage of the bike.

On one side, used motorbikes are the good choice for learners because worry factor of damage of used bike is less. They may offer better value for money initially but not as reliable as new bikes and leads to cost more in the long run.

Contrary, new bikes come with warranty and comfort of reliability. Though it is cost higher initially but that will be the premium for peace of mind you get while buying the new one.

13. Planning for Long-term Budget

Once you decided to buy a motorcycle, it is also pertinent to add all other miscellaneous expenses associated with it. You must check the insurance premium for your chosen bike from different companies and select the plan best suited to your wallet. Also, take into account the expenses for safety gear like helmet, gloves, jacket, pants etc. because these items are also added substantial amount in your expense list. Maintenance and Fuel cost shall also be added to the list which will depend on the type and make of motorcycle.


The prime factor associated with buying a motorcycle is to do a proper market research before buying as we do for all big buying. Think about the priorities for you then make the trade-offs suited to your needs and wallet. When you purchase the best fit bike based on your needs and wallet then it not only leads to happy riding but a satisfied riding.

Happy buying and keep riding!!


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Kyle Winters - April 17, 2017

It really is important to listen to the article when it talks about matching your bike and physique. After all, not all motorcycles are built with everyone in mind. You want to make sure that you can actually fit on the bike and reach the pedals before you buy it.

Taylor Bishop - January 18, 2018

I just wanted to thank you for going over some things to consider when getting a motorcycle. I’m glad you explained that you should learn more about the engine’s power, like how sports bikes have some ones that can generate a lot of power. It sounds like learning about these different engines is a good way for someone to understand more about the type of motorcycle they want, and should probably be researched extensively.

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