Look Stylish with Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Safety is the first goal of buying a helmet. However, when some people go out for purchasing a motorcycle helmet, they got to stick to the ordinary, familiar and common designs. A rider always wishes to purchase most comfortable motorcycle helmet to make his riding experience memorable.
But, now the time has changed and various imaginative and innovative cool motorcycle helmets are now available in the market which helps you in stating your personality on the road.  These helmets are not only secure but also make your thoughts wilder. A cool motorcycle helmet makes the rider look more funky, being noticeable and also eye-catching.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets


List of 10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets

There is a big collection peculiar and cool helmets that are available in the market.  You just required matching up your needs and wishes with the accessible cool motorcycle helmets and you will get the best product for yourself. The following is the list of best top ten cool motorcycle helmets that can be purchased from the market or at the numerous online stores:

1. Predator Helmet

Cool Motorcycle Helmets-Predator Helmet


 A predator helmet is a not a brand of a helmet but it is a style of helmet whose idea was originated from the movie “Predator”. This movie came in the year 1987 in which famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an important role. In the movie, there is a top special armed forces team that is headed by ‘Dutch’ (Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger) on an operation to save prisoners from the guerrilla region in Central America. But without any knowledge, the team was being followed and hunted by a scientifically innovative form of superfluous-terrestrial life i.e. the Predator. These helmets got quite popular after this movie.

Predator Helmet


When you wear this helmet, you feel like having an extra power to fight the bad evils of the world. A predator motorcycle helmet is more than an image of an alien that is highlighted on the fiberglass.  The manufacturers always make sure that the buyer gets a custom and unique helmet having diverse colors of paints, designs and unlike distinctions of the alien mask and appearance. The choices range of this category varies from a Predator mask helmet to the helmets that look like alien’s face. There are few helmets that comprise of the hair-like limbs which can be seen on a Predator’s head. However, besides these features, this helmet got DOT certification also. It means that it is not only stylish and trendy but also quite safe to wear on your head while riding a motorcycle.

Predator Helmet

2. Skull helmets

The skulls have always remained as an important part of motorcycle culture as far as the bikers are concerned. The concept of a skull motorcycle helmet is taken from the movies and horror serials in which people get scared after seeing the real skulls. The overall look of a skull is alike to the hazardous as well as rebellious past which the motorcycle riders have shared. It is also an influential symbol that can be recognized as a sign of danger instantly.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets-Skull helmets

Cool Motorcycle Helmets-Skull helmets-2


However, bike riders like to wear this amazing cool helmet for a varied number of reasons. Earlier people used to wear it for celebrating the death of a person and some of them wear it for symbolizing the spiritual belief of life after death.  Now, the current generation like to hold this helmet on their head in order to look macho, tough and stylish. It is now prevailing as a statement of fashion among youngsters.

A skull helmet also recognizes as a commanding tool for illustrators and dealers who desires to make a daring proclamation with a symbol. When a rider wears this helmet, he looks quite a daring person while riding down a street. Since this helmet possesses a skull shape, it completely covers your head. It is quite famous among the retro motorcycle lovers of all the ages.

There is a strong padding on the interior side of the helmet along with the hard exterior. Due to the presence of D lock, you can wear it comfortably while shielding your head from hits and somersaults. There is one more model in this category i.e. 3D skull helmet which is the very surprising product. These helmets comprise of distinct and eye-catching features for the daring bike riders. They mostly cover your face when you wear it on the face and hence it simply provides a complete protection.

3. Cat Head Motorcycle Helmets

Cool motorcycle helmet-Cat Head Motorcycle Helmets


These are also called the Neko Helmets that is designed as well as manufactured by the famous Russian based Company Nitrinos motostudio. This helmet is inspired by the looks of the cat-women in the movies. However, these helmets can be modified if you wish to look more like your own cat. This helmet makes you look different and unique when you wear it on the road while riding your bike.
The ears in this helmet are made up of fiberglass that is firmly attached to its body. However, these ears can get destroyed in case if you met any accident because these are meant for show purpose only. This helmet is perfect for the people who love cats and the motorcycles with an equivalent amount. The manufacturers of the helmet offer diverse choices like a solitary color helmet, a shiny look with contemporary colors, and a fibre-candy color topper for the riders who love the pink color, etc.

Cool motorcycle helmet-Cat Head Motorcycle Helmets02


A Cat head motorcycle helmet well-matched up the person’s riding gear along with a desired catlike looks with aerography. The ears of the helmet are simply decorative and do not influence the helmet’s safety at all. It is quite famous in the countries like Russia because of its fashionable, thrilling, and strange look. However, if the company put on the 3D (3-Dimensionl) paint on the face of the cat, then it could become more fascinating.
The outline of the cat head motorcycle helmet is essentially just similar to other helmets but, the ears portion of the helmet increases its thrilling look. The ears section which is located above the head forms the imprint of cat’s head. As a result, it makes the bike rider’s head appears like a cat.

4. The Akuma V-1 Ghost Rider

The Akuma helmet concept is based on the military theme along with the V-1 “Ghost Rider”. This helmet was designed by Mr Kerry Harris (the Head of Integrated Helmet Technology). He is the maker of attention-grabbing helmet equipment, for example, rechargeable LED lights that were assembled into the Shoei Syncrotec Police force helmets as well as the AFX FX-11 Lightforce.

The Akuma V-1 Ghost Rider

Mr Kerry Harris was a Unites States (U.S.) merchant navy pilot who planned the Ghost Rider helmet as a replication of that knowledge.  This helmet was also dedicated to the retired F-14 fighter in the present times. The creation of the Akuma V-1 Ghost Rider was implemented by Mr Mike Lavallee of the Killer Paint.
When you wear this helmet on your head, it will make you look great. You can find the heck of solid colors accompanied by the graphics style of the 1970s on this helmet.
The Akuma V-1 Ghost Rider is a manufacturer variety of a modified painted helmet that possesses certain great things like red color LED lights in the exhaust outlets that makes it look noticeable. It also came with an excellent shady smoke screen. This helmet is approved and certified with DOT as well as ECE 22-05 that shows that it matches up all the safety standards of the world. The Akuma V-1 Ghost Rider truly functions better than various other helmets that belong to the big brands.

6. Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet

Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet whose design is established on the concept of innovative functionality. It is the first helmet Company Skully that comprises of first HUD (head up display) system availability. This helmet basically consists of two main features i.e. 180 degrees back facing the camera as well as a small screen located in the bottommost right section of the arena of view of motorcyclists.

Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet2


The small screen lets you see the whole view behind at your back deprived of any sightless spots. It does not matter that in which direction your helmet is facing, you can have an amazing view of the back uninterruptedly. The Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet has also established its personal interface to fetch turn-by-turn instructions along with some other relevant info to the screen. The main motive of this facility is to reduce the psychological burden that is placed on the bike-rider.

Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet




When you wear this helmet over your head, it can be felt that you have entered a new world of innovations. This helmet also offers the facility of connectivity that you can get by pairing with your smartphone by way of Bluetooth. The company’s officials are also working on their personal software that can help in voice-recognition in order to increase the rider’s access to the Skully AR-1 capabilities while riding.

7. Luxy Vespa Helmet

The Luxy Vespa Helmet is a victorious lady’s motorcycle helmet that was used throughout traveling and normal bike riding. It was actually the design of manufacturing designer Mr Daniel Don Chang. His main aim was to make a helmet which imitates the look of 1960’s females’ haircuts. It was the best period when Vespa recognized them as an iconic and international brand in the market.

Luxy Vespa Helmet



The concept of this helmet is motivated by the Sixties Era as well as the hairstyles in order to get iconic fashion panache into the existing helmets. There are so many women who ride motorcycles and when they wear this helmet over the head, it gives them a distinct and exceptional look as compared to other helmets available in the market. It similarly stimulates the women to become proud and fashionable bike riders.

The Luxy Vespa Helmet is a beautifully designed ladies’ motorcycle helmet which possesses a mixture of retro and modern design. Its chief motive is to upsurge the use of helmets by the woman bike riders. The Luxy Vespa Helmet has a distinctive and elegant look which retains it a step forward of other normal helmets. That is why it is counted as one of the best coolest helmets.

The shape of this helmet is quite similar to the hairstyles of the ladies in the early sixties. Due to its color i.e. simple gem white and red color for the edges, provides this helmet a sophisticated and womanly look. The Luxury Motorcycle helmet is comfy, lightweight and tremendously unique. It is an innovative product that is designed for stylishness but not for complete safety as it is not approved by DOT.  But, overall, this helmet has all the qualities of becoming a lady’s best companion while riding.

8. Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmets

In this helmet, the paint is done with the help of an airbrush or air gun that is why it is named as Airbrushed motorcycle helmets. The main concept of this helmet was established in the year 1876 by Mr Francis Edgar Stanley who belongs to the place Newton, Massachusetts. After that, the innovative ideas by the Stanley and his brother were implemented like constantly covering graphic plates. Later on, these inventions came to known as Stanley steamer or Stanley dry company. But, at present, no imaginary images are available that shows that this paint distributor was used at that time.

Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmets02


Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmets

Mr Abner Peeler was the first person who developed an instrument called “paint distributor”. This instrument was intended for making painting and other artwork with the help of watercolors. It was mainly used as a handheld compressor. After few years, this tool was also introduced in the school of arts as “airbrush” and further it was utilized in making airbrushed motorcycle helmets designs.
You may relish your resentful looks whenever you wear an airbrushed motorcycle helmet on your bike along with full safety. The manufacturers of this helmet have followed full safety norms along with the customized fancy looks. Due to the enormous developments in the airbrush technology, various brilliant artists have created really spectacular designs on a diverse range of Airbrushed motorcycle helmet. You can decorate this full face helmet as per your innovative imagination and thoughts that can make you look unique and cool.

9. HD100 batman Motorcycle Helmet

 When you wear a normal helmet over your head, after some point of time you start feeling boring from it. So, in order to make things more thrilling, you must change your everyday bike riding wardrobe and add-up the HD100 batman motorcycle helmet that looks awesome with a person’s dashing personality.



The HD100 batman motorcycle helmet was manufactured by Helmet Dawg along with a shielding attachment that looks like a headgear of batman. The HD100 helmet is a lightweight product that is approved by DOT. This full-face helmet is made from thermoplastic polyester metallic alloy covering.

There are so many exciting features that make this helmet one of the coolest product. It comprises of full-featured shielding headwear, a comprehensive double exhaust venting structure, SPC upper forward-facing outlets, modifiable chin vents, speaker compartments (for effortlessly setting up a hands-free communication system) and detachable luxury cushions and inserts. As a result, this helmet turns out to be most comfortable and fully-equipped motorcycle helmet.



HD100 batman Motorcycle Helmet


The main USP (unique selling proposition) of this helmet is its Batman-style earlobes located in the rear that is manufactured and tooled completely by hand. These are prepared from a branded elastomer. The ears are not firm but are lenient and flexible. When you wear this helmet, you not only look stylish but also grab the attention of other people on the road.

10. Spider-man Motorcycle Helmet


This particular helmet is a thoughtful nominee for the coolest motorcycle helmet of all time. This helmet’s design was inspired by the Hollywood movie “Spiderman”. When this movie was released, several people get attracted towards the amazing looks of the superhero’s mask. This is how the idea of Spiderman motorcycle helmet was generated. The main concept of this helmet was produced by Dony Custom.
This helmet is pretty much different from other helmets owing to its looks and features. This Spider-man motorcycle helmet is also approved by the DOT that means it will really guard you in the case of any mishap. The helmet originates in a large number of colors i.e. blue, black and obviously the typical red.
All the models of this helmet utilize the similar HJC CS-R1 head covering with the smoke screen as its base. You cannot keep yourself away from buying this particular helmet. This helmet is available in all the different sizes i.e. from small to XXL, so you do not have to worry about it.

Spider-man Motorcycle Helmet


In the end, we can say that the above list of cool motorcycle helmets is of those helmets that are not only stylish but also unique owing to its diverse range of features. The young generation is quite fascinated about such kind of helmets. These helmets can also be customized according to your requirements and preferences. So, if you have the desire to look different from others while riding your motorcycle on the road, then you must buy one of these cool helmets once in your lifetime.

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