How To Choose The Right Kind Of Motorcycle

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle used for an easy and fast way of transportation. It is relatively more prevalent in developing countries of the world because it is relatively cheap to maintain and operate. With the advancement in technology in recent times, the motorcycle is also specialized in multiple styles. Today’s motorcycle are much more advanced than the past. It is a token of happiness in the family. But this key of happiness is not in finding the best motorcycle available in the market rather than to find right kind of motorcycle for you which depends on upon your requirements and type of riding you want to be used.

How to choose the right kind of motorcycle

Some motorcycles are specially designed keeping in mind the particular segment of the market while some are general and can be used by anyone. For e.g. some motorcycles are more suited for young generation than the older one and vice versa.

For a new rider, a lightweight motorcycle is always better while learning. Similarly, it is always encouraging to place both the feet on the ground while stopping the motorcycle. Though the experienced rider can stop the motorcycle even by using one foot on the surface.

There are hundreds of models of motorcycles are available in the market user must narrow down his search to find right kind of motorcycle.

Choosing the Right Kind of Motorcycle   

It is always a tough decision to choose the right kind of Motorcycle when so many styles and models are available in the market. In fact, I believe that one type of motorcycle is not enough to meet all the requirements of the rider.

Therefore, while choosing the right kind of motorcycle for you, you must first analyse and review the basic purpose for which you will use the motorcycle. There are a lot of options available in the market and the decision primarily depends on upon what you want to do with the bike. It depends whether the rider wants to ride it on the road or off the road.

Once the purpose of motorcycle is decided then only you can choose the right kind of motorcycle for you based on the below parameters:

  • Analyse the reason of buying a motorcycle
  • Types of roads on which you are mainly going to ride the motorcycle
  • Budget of buying the motorcycle

 Five Basic Styles of Motorcycles

There are the different type of motorcycles available in the market. These can be broadly classified into five categories as follows:

1.  The Naked or Standard Bike

This is the basic type of motorcycle which puts the user in an upright position but not able to cope with the blowing wind.

1.The Naked or Standard Bike

Advantages of Standard bike

  • Standard Bike is available in variety of models with engine displacement
  • It is easy to ride and controllable
  • It is well-suited for the ride within the city which may or may not have an even surface.

Disadvantages of Standard Bike

  • Standard Bile is not able to cope up with blowing the wind
  • It makes the rider tired when driving for long period of time

This type of motorcycle is ideally suited for daily commuter and who can use the motorcycle occasionally for the long distance

2. Cruiser Motorbike

There are many companies manufactures cruiser type of motorcycle but Harley Davidson is the most promising brand for this type of motorcycle.

cruiser Motorbike

Advantages of Cruiser

  • In Cruiser, riders are in more lie down and relax position
  • Good Pickup – Most of the models of this type of motorcycle are 100 cc or more.
  • It is highly comfortable for long rides
  • This type of motorcycle consists of windshield and luggage makes it more safe vehicle.
  • It is primarily used for the touring purpose.

Disadvantages of Cruiser

  • It is having more room for the leg. Therefore to reduce this, suspension has to be raised

3. Touring Motorbike

This type of motorcycle is designed in such a manner so that it remain comfortable for the rider when riding long distances. This type of vehicle available in large displacement engines.

3.Touring Motorbike

 Advantages of Touring Motorcycle

  • Touring Motorcycle has more fuel and luggage capacity. Therefore, it can be ride for long distances hassle-free
  • It is equipped with windshield provides extra protection to the rider
  • It is equipped with sound systems used for entertainment purpose during long drive

Disadvantages of Touring Motorcycle

  • It is more expensive as compared to other types- The price of this type of motorcycle is equivalent to the small car.
  • Touring Motorcycle is also heavy in weight make it difficult for new riders.

4. Sport Motorbike

It is another type of motorcycle primarily used for racing purpose. It is the legal version of motorcycle used for competition.

Sport Motorbike

 Advantages of Sport Motorbike

  • Riders can lean in the forward direction and ride it comfortably.
  • High speed vehicle
  • Excellent pickup- As these types of motorcycle is used for racing purpose, it normally comes in 600cc or more

Disadvantages of Sport Motorbike

  • It is not suited for new riders   

5. Dual Purpose / Adventure Touring Motorbike

This is the last category of motorcycle used for dual purpose i.e. touring as well as for riding the normal motorcycle.

Dual Purpose

 Advantages of Dual Purpose Motorbike

  • It is most versatile motorcycle among all the different categories of motorcycles available in the market
  • Rider can ride the motorcycle in an upright position
  • These are designed for different road conditions. For e.g. rider can easily ride dual purpose motorcycle in highway having smooth road as well as in city having uneven surface

 Disadvantages of Dual Purpose Motorbike

  • It is not very comfortable while riding for long distance
  • Looks wise, it is also not very different
  • Some of the models of this category of bikes are having less power


The two most important points always need to be kept in mind to a new rider is light weight of the motorcycle and able to touch both the feet on the ground while stopping. Luckily, seat height and weight of the motorcycle is always mentioned against each model as key features on the company website. Therefore, the rider can always glance it one carefully to find the right kind of motorcycle for him.

Once you decide the purpose of usage of your motorcycle, the above guidelines help you to find your dream motorcycle which will be the right fit for you.

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Annika Larson - June 12, 2017

This summer, my husband and I are hoping to buy a motorcycle. We want to be able to go on rides together and enjoy the outdoors. As you explained, a touring motorcycle might be a good choice due to its high fuel and luggage capacity that permits long distance rides.

Braden Bills - October 2, 2018

I want to make sure that I get the right kind of motorcycle. It seems like a standard bike would be a good choice for me! The fact that they are easy to use is what draws me, since I’m not any kind of expert or anything.

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