Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Picture this: You’re out on the road, riding your motorcycle with a buddy or two.  You may pull ahead of the group, or turn a sharp bend and encounter an obstruction in the road.  Or maybe you just spot an awesome place to stop and get a quick bite to eat.  In either case, wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to be able to communicate with your riding buddies while you all are in motion?

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Enter the technological advances of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.  Many manufacturers have created quality helmet models that featured either integrated Bluetooth speaker systems or are Bluetooth ready with specially designed speaker pockets and slots and grooves for any microphone wires.  Many brands that feature models that are blue-tooth ready instead of equipped will sell high end, quality Bluetooth units perfectly designed to snap into your helmet quickly and easily.

Bluetooth can also come in handy on the racing track.  Just use NASCAR as an example.  Last minute instructions from the sideline on approaching competitors or downed bikes on the upcoming track can mean the difference between a win and quick end via a catastrophic crash.  Communication is also especially helpful for those long, cross country treks when cellphones just aren’t possible.  Whatever your use, Bluetooth is a versatile and hi tech option to have in any helmet.  Here we break down our favorite top five best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for your consideration.

Top Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to value brand motorcycle helmets, Bell is always a solid contender to produce a top notch helmet at a price that riders of all levels can afford.  Safety meets affordability is a quality we can always get behind!  But don’t think value means you have to sacrifice amenities.  The sleek, aerodynamic, low profile shell is attractive with an aggressive, no nonsense look.  The wind noise is also greatly reduced with nearly no obstructions and superior interior lining.

Let’s talk about that lining, shall we?  First off, the adjustable ventilation system means that with a quick flick of a vent release you will keep cool and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions.  Custom ventilation grooves along the skull allow air to flow naturally.  The interior lining also features built in speaker pockets, making this helmet ready for the addition of your favorite Bluetooth accessory.

Yup, we said ready, not already equipped.  The Bell Solid Qualifier comes with the aforementioned speaker pockets as well as grooves where various Bluetooth accessories may be conveniently located and installed with aftermarket technology.  Before you skip ahead because this model doesn’t come with Bluetooth already installed, note the price tag.  This Bell model definitely qualifies as one of the best motorcycle helmet’s for your dollar, leaving plenty of room in the budget to add on your choice of Bluetooth gadgets and gizmos.  You may see the cup half empty, but for our tastes, this just means that the Bell Solid Qualifier is a versatile budget buy, ready to perform with a variety of options.  Did we mention this is also DOT rated which means safety will not take a back seat with this performance best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

One of the most important features of any quality helmet has to be comfort.  Solid, reliable and a producer of a consistent quality product, HJC delivers comfort in spades with its CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet.  The lightweight polycarbonate shell is crafted using advanced injection molding technology, guaranteeing an almost weightless feel on your head that won’t cramp the neck during even the longest of rides.

The modular, attractive styling is also a huge selling point.  The chin bar on the CL-MAXBT II releases with a single button, one handed operation.  The same goes for the shield release, allowing for a superior fit and comfort in a variety of weather or road conditions.  The faceshield is designed with technology and protection in mind.  Like all of HJC’s shields, the CL-MAXBT II features an Optically Superior faceshield technology with 95 percent U.V. protection.  And let’s not forget the also standard, QuickSlide Tool-Less Shield Replacement System which allows the rider to switch between tinted and low light shields with ease.

The interior on the CL-MAXBT II isn’t anything to be overlooked.  ACS advanced channeling ventilation system keeps the rider comfortable with adjustable vents.  The full front to back airflow sends air, and heat and humidity, up and out.  Another model that’s fully Bluetooth compatible, the CL-MAXBT II comes with built in speaker pockets and all the wire routing access you’ll need to be up and communicating with your riding buddies in no time.

This is another awesome entry level helmet, fully ready to customize with your favorite Bluetooth system without breaking the bank.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

While we love the convenience and custom ability that comes with Bluetooth ready motorcycle helmets, sometimes you just need a fully integrated model for that comfort and ease of use.  BILT certainly delivers with the BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.  The Bluetooth technology on the BILT Techno is top notch.  The integrated DWO-3 bluetooth system features full mobile phone communication, intercom functionality, rider to rider and rider to passenger options and rider to passenger GPS.  The integrated MP3 speakers produce clear and amazing sound, even at high speeds or with road noise.

And when it comes to road noise, the rest of the helmet certainly delivers as well. The hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell reduces excess noise and eliminates road buzz.  The fully removable lining also adds insulation and added comfort with plenty of custom face molding.  Comfort is enhanced with the venting system.  The BILT Techno features metal mesh rear exhaust vents as well as chin and forehead mounted airflow ventilation.  The vents are fully adjustable which will let you personalize your temperature across multiple seasons or riding conditions.  Talk about a versatile helmet.

With a stylish matte or double lacquer finish and its low profile design, this helmet definitely looks as good as it performs.  BILT advertises this as the most technologically advanced helmet they’ve ever made, and from our perspective, this certainly fits the bill.  We’d recommend the BILT Techno for someone looking for a one-stop solution for a Bluetooth integrated helmet.

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

At times it may seem difficult to differentiate one motorcycle helmet from the other.  The all feature a similar function, and many competitors within the same helmet niche will try to mimic each other’s appearance to gain that consumer edge.  So when a truly unique helmet comes along it makes us stop and take notice.  When that helmet also features the height of technological advanced with fully integrated Bluetooth features, that’s when we open up our wallets.

The Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet definitely qualifies as one of the best Bluetooth helmets on the market.  Named after the distinctively shape shark, the Mako certainly is hard to mistake for any other helmet out there.  If you tend to have problems with most regular shaped helmets, Torc is known for its innovative and comfortable oval head shape design, which allows a wider range of riders access to the safety of a stylish full face motorcycle helmet.

You have to love the custom, laser contoured comfort lining on the Mako, which also happens to be fully removable and washable.  The Mako also sports an optically correct flat panel shield, a feature nearly unheard of in helmets at this reasonable of a price.  Speaking of shields, the Mako’s SmoothLock drop down visor system means you get to keep an aerodynamic, smooth and stylish profile even when the visor is up due to the interior storage compartment, built right into the forehead area of the helmet.

Perhaps the best feature, and the one we’re most interested in here, is the fully Bluetooth integrated shell which allows passengers utilizing Bluetooth helmets, other riders and even cell and GPS signals to communicate to the driver safely and clearly.  The Torc Mako is a Bluetooth helmet that delivers and is a definite buy for anyone looking to up their comfort and technology game without breaking the bank.

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

We may have saved the best for last when it comes to Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that we love.  If you told us it was possible to get a motorcycle helmet that looked good, sounded good with a top notch interior, built in Bluetooth system, was comfortable and featured some of the most advanced design and electronic features of any other helmet on the market today, we’d have been highly skeptical.  Now add in a reasonable, just about entry level price and a great company name behind that helmet and we’d definitely think you were pulling our leg.

But all of this is just what the O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet has on offer.  Since it’s the feature we’re focusing on, let’s talk about all that Bluetooth action first.  Truly an innovative helmet, the Commander offers FCC approved Bluetooth 2.0 technology.  And talk about features.  One-touch controls allow you to answer, reject, and redial all on the go and with ease.  Don’t worry about running out of juice either, with the built in, lithium-polymer battery you’ll get a whopping 10 hours of actual talk time or 130 hours of standby time before you have to plug in.  When you do need a recharge, the Commander comes with a power charger that’ll get you back up and on the road in no time.

O’Neal didn’t stop at the Bluetooth features when designing the Commander.  We love the built-in drop-down sun visor which stores conveniently in the helmet’s interior for a clean and stylish look even with the visor up.  The visor also happens to be anti-scratch and anti-fog and O’Neal features a range of add-on accessories that are easily interchangeable, for those of you who may want extra optical features.

The interior of the Commander features incredibly comfortable microfiber suede liner and cheek pads which are fully removable and washable.  The ventilation on this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is also top notch with a fully adjustable, flow-through ventilation system.  Aerodynamics on the Commander are gorgeous and O’Neal has definitely taken inspiration from the company’s motocross roots when it comes to styling this aggressive, yet comfortable fully integrated Bluetooth Helmet.

The Wrap Up

Whether you choose a fully integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, or a model that is ready for you to add in your favorite technology, communication is definitely the newest trend in helmets.  Safety and convenience are the name of the game on those long treks, and Bluetooth makes quick schedule changes or alerting your fellow riders to issues a snap.  Some of the best motorcycle helmets come ready with everything you need to add this level of convenience to your next road trip.  Try on a few and get to riding today.

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