Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety should be any serious enthusiasts number one priority.  Everyone loves the freedom of the open road with the wind in your face and the ability to view and experience nature and all of the scenery.  The trick is to combine these aspects of motorcycling freedom with the comfort and assurance of a safe and secure ride.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Enter the open face motorcycle helmet.  Combining all of the aspects of head safety with the freedom of open face comfort, open face helmets are attractive and convenient alternatives to full face helmet designs.  With several different distinctive designs, many riders find that open face is the premiere motorcycle helmet option for an enjoyable riding experience.

  • Half Helmet – Half helmets are exactly as the name sounds. Take a full faced helmet and eliminate the bottom portion and you are left with a half helmet design.  Some of the most popular models come with attached retractable half visors for increased comfort and protection on the road.
  • 3/4 Helmet – 3/4 helmets are a popular intermediary between a full face and half helmet design. Usually extending below the ears with solid construction reaching down to the chin on the sides, 3/4 helmets differ from their full face counterparts as they lack the wrap around chin features and full face construction.
  • Modular Helmets – Modular helmets combine 3/4 and half helmets when it comes to open face air flow and exposure to the elements, with an added protection of a modular element, typically in the chin and mouth area. Modular helmets feature clip, or snap on face protection against wind, rain, bugs and other road debris and are a great open face alternative for those who ride in less than optimal weather or road conditions.

Now that we’ve broken down the popular design styles, below are the top five products in the open face motorcycle helmet category to give you a head start on researching your next purchase.

Top Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

HJC IS-33 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-33 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

HJC is a great introductory motorcycle helmet brand for enthusiasts looking for value and safety.  The HJC IS-33 is a quality addition to the HJC line.  A solid value model, the IS-33 features an advanced polycarbonate shell which provides for lightweight comfort and protection during your riding experience.  Advanced CAD technology means you get a superior face fit and plenty of comfort that fits well within even the tightest of budgets.

The lower price doesn’t mean this helmet is lacking in technological aspects either.  The one-touch integrated sunshield is smoke-tinted and comes features 3-stage adjustable technology.  This means your shield lowers quickly and easily from a tucked in position.  Optically superior 3D design, anti-fog aspects, UV protection and anti-scratch coating make this a fully featured visual oriented helmet.

In addition to the clear visual experience, the HJC IS-33 also features a ton of comfort.  A smaller package doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. HJC’s SilverCool interior is moisture wicking, odor free and antibacterial due to the advanced silver composite fabric design.  The padding is also fully removable and washable for the ultimate in comfort and hygiene.  Did we mention this helmet is also Dot approved?

The HJC IS-33 is perfect for the beginning rider, or someone looking for performance and comfort at a budget introductory price.  Fully featured with exceptional comfort, the IS-33 will make a great helmet for all of your cycling adventures.

Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet

If you don’t have a Bell helmet in your collection you are definitely missing out.  A company known for quality, safety and style, the Bell Custom 500 Airtrix showcases some of the best that a quality helmet manufacturer has to offer.  The styling on the Custom 500 Airtrix is classic and vintage all at once.  Solid, glossy paint covers a high density polycarbonate shell, specifically designed to take a beating and protect you in the event of a crash.  The outline of the Airtrix also features gorgeous trim work in a variety of colors, only adding to the retro vibe.

The looks are only the tip of the iceburg on the Airtrix.  While most helmets come with limited shell and liner options, Bell offers five different liner sizes and an additional five shell sizes for optimum comfort and customization.  The large range of sizes not only ensures that you’ll be riding safely and in comfort, it also reduces the ultimate profile size of the helmet as it allows for a more custom, closer fit.  The overall effect is an attractive, vintage style vibe.

  The Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet is a classic 3/4 helmet design, fully extending down around the ears and lower jaw with no face obstruction.  Versatility is the name of the game though and modern riders want options when it comes to wind protection.  The integrated 5 snap pattern fasteners around the face are of the helmet allow for plenty of aftermarket shield and visor options and providing easy, hassle free clip on and snap off convenience.  With all of these features, plus a five year warranty, the Airtrix definitely qualifies as one of the best open face helmets you can buy.

AFX FX-200 Half Size Helmet

AFX FX-200 Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Helmet-Style Helmet

AFX FX-200 Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Helmet-Style Helmet

AFX is well known for producing some of the most budget conscious helmets while never lacking in safety or extra features.  The AFX FX-200 is certainly all of that, and more.  When it comes to open face motorcycle helmets, style and comfort are king.  The AFX FX-200 is a classic half helmet skull cap design.  The attractive, minimalist low profile look on this helmet screams cruiser and will definitely have you feeling the wind in your face as you enjoy your ride.

Maybe the most remarkable feature of the AFX FX-200, though, is the interchangeable visors.  On most helmets you’d need to wait until a stop to swap out a visor, perhaps trading your day time tinted smoke visor for a clear, colorless version for night time riding.  This is not the case with the FX-200.  Through innovative, patented technology, the FX-200 comes equipped with two visors, a tinted and un-tinted version, already installed and retractable within the helmet.  To switch from no visor to the clear, simply pull it down from where the visor is normally tucked away in the dome.  Push the clear back up and swap out for the smoke tint.  All of this with nothing more than a quick tug of the hand.  No tools and no significant time added.  Talk about versatility.

Despite being a budget buy, there’s no skimping on other standard features on the AFX FX-200.  The liner is hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon, great for breathability on those warmer rides.  The shell is made of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic which ensures this helmet is strong and lightweight.  Finally, the AFX FX-200 is fully DOT compliant, meaning you can ride out knowing that you are protected in your stylish new open face AFX helmet.

Bell Rogue Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Rogue Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Rogue Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to the best open face motorcycle helmets, it’s certainly hard to beat modular models for versatility and comfort.  The Bell Rogue Solid Open Face Motorcycle helmet certainly epitomizes the best traits of a modular unit.  With the look and comfort of a half helmet but the protection from the elements of a 3/4 size, the Bell Rogue is top notch in functionality.  Add in an easily removable and changeable face mask and you can see why Bell produces some of the bestselling and most highly reviewed helmets today.

Let’s talk more about that face mask.  For the Bell rogue, style meets comfort and ease of use.  The distinctive and edgy face mask is attached with strong magnetic fasteners, meaning you won’t be fumbling with tools, locks, screws or latches when you want to remove or adjust your mask.  The face mask also features its own fully removable and washable insulation lining.

The helmet shell is attractive in its own right as well.  A matte black paint job highlights a smooth, low profile.  The lightweight composite shell is ultra-comfortable and comes in three different size options for ultimate customization for your head.  The same sizing options exist for the washable and removable shell interior lining, which is also allergenic.  The interior of this helmet is also designed with tech in mind and the ear pockets are speaker ready.

The Bell Rogue is really a stunning piece of safety gear.  If you are looking for a statement piece of a motorcycle accessory, look no further than this open face helmet option.

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

Shoei RJ Platinum R Open-Face Helmet

When it comes to premium open face motorcycle helmets, few companies can produce models with the same level of quality and consistency as Shoei.  A classic 3/4 design, Shoei aims to incorporate the best aspects of full face helmets into its Shoei RJ Platinum Open Face Helmet.  Perhaps the most acclaimed feature of the RJ Platinum in open face helmet reviews is the surprising amount of noise reduction this thing has.  Typically a feature of full face designs, the noise reduction in the 3/4 Shoei RJ Platinum comes courtesy of advanced aerodynamic testing and a high quality density EPS liner.

Speaking of the lining, Shoei’s 3D Comfort lining system interiors are antibacterial, fully removable and washable and feature some of the best designs for ventilation and cooling while you ride.  It’s also shock absorbent which makes those longer rides less bump and more comfortable.  Air flow is also aided by well-placed adjustable vents on the top and rear of the helmet near the forehead and neck.

The Shoei RJ Platinum comes standard with a visor.  This is one versatile premium helmet though, and the visor is removable and the helmet includes conveniently located snaps which allow you to add an aftermarket shield for those all-weather rides.  The snap system makes clipping a shield or other helmet accessory a breeze.  If you need any more reason to pick up this great helmet, how about the five-year warranty, the lightweight shell or the fact that the Shoei RJ Platinum is completely DOT approved for safety peace of mind?

The Shoei RJ Platinum is a great, high end open face motorcycle helmet that combines all of the best in safety, style and versatility.  If you have a little extra end in the budget, you should definitely pick up a Shoei.


Open face motorcycle helmets are a great compromise for riders that want the freedom of a bareheaded ride plus the safety that a helmet provides.  With all of the options on the market, you can choose a range of helmets from minimalist half helmet designs to 3/4 to modular with lots of variations on those themes.  A great full face helmet will combine style with comfort and lets the rider customize their motorcycling experience to fit a variety of weather and road conditions.  Try a few helmets on today and get to riding safely in comfort and style.

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